Is DOTA Ruining Your Relationships? Part II

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You might be one of those girls who cry over the girlfriends about their men getting addicted to DOTA, below are some tips how we can resolve the problem.

Some avid DOTA fans say that the feeling of not being able to play DOTA is just like getting off substance abuse. For instance, they become antsy and easily irritated. It is as if their day is not complete without touching their keyboards, trash-talking other players, defeating other bases, playing their characters, or obtaining those important special items. They say they are totally obsessed with it, which means they think about it probably the whole day long.


Why DOTA is addicting

Several reveal that despite its plain, simple surface and even if the team and terrain remain the same, DOTA‘s 60, and probably now 100, characters make the each game unique. Each character, which they call “heroes,” basically possess different strengths and weaknesses, which when played well can become an advantage and a liability if not. Throughout the game, every character levels up, gradually acquiring skills and powers.

Aside from that, they also get to play with other “human” opponents and not just computers. So basically winning the game means outplaying several others. This is where the trash-talking and bragging rights begin, according to few.

When players lose, they immediately want to exact revenge and let their opponents taste how it is to lose. If and when they win, they can?t have enough victory streaming through their veins. This is probably why it is an uphill battle for every player to click the red button and quit the game. It gives them (sort of) a sense of pride, telling themselves this is what they are good at and that is what they need to master.

Other players who are still learning the game claim they spend some time searching through the DOTA forums. They love to browse and look for some tips and advices from other pro players. While others reveal that just like in school, they study every character, to help them become better players.

What Partners Should Do

However, letting players ditch their childish games to become “mature” is not mature at all. People have that childishness sometimes.

  1. A combination of understanding and balance is key to a healthy relationship; it should not be just all about you and not just all about DOTA. You can also encourage other forms of social activities.
  2. Some DOTA players claim that instead of becoming their greatest obstacle to a hobby they love, partners can be assume supportive roles, suggesting they are welcome to play with them or even just discover the game for themselves.
  3. When partners feel that the game already crossed the line, you can always ask for a timeout to his game and discuss the matter subtly. ?“The number one thing to do is not confront them while they’re playing the game,” said one computer game addict who has undergone therapy. “A calm, clear conversation with them at a moment when they’re not gaming is a great way to start things moving in the right direction.”

Remember: A few reminder surely wouldn’t hurt, and a good partner always assess themselves once confronted with an issue.


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