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Is Bing Better Than YouTube? Microsoft Says It?s Possible

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Music videos are now easier to search in Bing.

Microsoft has been sending some strong statements with some welcome changes in their search engine, and we?re loving what Bing is doing so far ? specially in searching for videos.

Yes, even with the ever-reliable YouTube, Bing?s new video search presents a fun navigation experience. Typing your favorite artist for example, results to a comprehensive page that instantly lists the artist?s Top Hits based on search history not only in Bing, but other search engines as well. Click each song, and they instantly play.

The next section shows larger thumbnails of the artist?s videos, the most notable of which is the video you?re looking for, or the most popular if you?re doing a general search. Results vary according to search history of the songs, and Bing takes into consideration results from other search sites like Google.

The next section shows other videos that you might want to see, and are suggested based on relevance to your last search, as well as popularity. These videos can actually play right in the search engine page, which actually means less time of waiting for videos to buffer and play.

These changes, which happened only this week, may just be one of the many things to watch out for from Microsoft, who also seems to be gearing for a big reveal of next month?s Windows 10 launch.

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