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Is Apple Releasing New iPod Products This July?

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A range of the new ipod devices rumored to be released this july. Photo courtesy of macrumors.

Among all Apple products, the demand for the iPod has suffered a dwindling fate through the years. ?Recent reports and rumors however, are hinting of another chance for the iPod to renew its old glory ?and breathe new life to their line of portable media players iPod touch, iPod nano, and the iPod shuffle this week. Apple last launched the latest iPod players way back in 2012.

The iPod devices are reportedly?receiving significant upgrades and will all receive a new array of colors from Touch, Shuffle, and Nano will be available in several new colors including gold, electric blue, fuchsia, as well as black, pink, and gray.

Reliable source for leaks, iGen.fr, reported that the iPod products will specifically release this July 14, 2015.

iPod Touch

The iPod Touch, which haven?t seen new updates since the fifth generation, will be receiving an upgrade for its camera and storage. The storage may possibly include 128gb like with the iPhone 6. The Touch may also receive a 64-bit processor.

iPod Shuffle and Nano

A new iPod Nano and iPod shuffle are rumored to release with a minor update. The iPod touch will reportedly run iOS games and be compatible with the new Apple Music.

Why The Sudden Surge In Rumors?

Apple failed to add significant upgrades to the iPod touch even as it was updated several times within the last two years, hence the posts on why?a new one might be on the way.

While the stock of the iPod products are available in the main stores, other retailers reportedly have less stock or have a 3 to five days shipping time? an indicator that an impending new apple product is on the way.

Pictures of products not available on the device was also a dead giveaway.

In the iTunes update with apple music includes an iPod Touch with new colors bearing the same overall size of the original product can be seen, indicating that it may still be the same 4-inch screen. It also shows an iPod Touch with that aren?t available yet in the market? and doesn?t include the wrist strap attachment that the current models have. The image that shows the new iPod touch colors doesn?t include the wrist strap attachment slot on current models.


What More Features Might The New Models Include?

Apple will likely coincide the launch with its latest iOS 9 OS update. Popular product Beats which was bought for $3 billion in 2014 may be integrated in the new devices.

As smartphones today are now so powerful for multimedia use, the iPod is slowly fading into obscurity. There is also no strong competitor for the iPod which may have resulted in the company to slack off. The new iPod products need to be refreshing and encourage the masses that they are a worth buy if they want the products to remain relevant in the market.

With one day left before the announcement of the products as hinted by rumors, lets cross our fingers that Apple surprises us.

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