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Is A Facebook Virtual Assistant In The Works?

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Facebook virtual assistant in the works
Ms Moneypenny will be the Facebook Virtual Assistant

It seems like James Bond no longer have a monopoly on Ms. Moneypenny, and Siri is up for some serious competition, as a Facebook virtual assistant seem to be brewing in the social media giant?s AI lab.

According to an article released by Time, and first reported by The Information, a virtual assistant program known internally as ?Moneypenny,? after the assistant to James Bond?s boss, would work inside the company?s Messenger app and connect users to real people who could help them order products, or book services.

A Facebook virtual assistant would compete with existing services such as Magic and Operator, among others, which connect users to real people who help them procure or book whatever they need.

All of these virtual assistants use simple messaging interfaces that are akin to sending text messages to a personal assistant. Microsoft, Apple, and Amazon have also built their own virtual assistants, the most popular of which is arguably Apple?s Siri. These systems however, use computer programs (not real people) to process and answer users? questions.

Facebook virtual assistant in Messenger

For months now, Facebook has been boosting the features of their messaging app which the company has been developing as a separate product that?s highly independent from Facebook.

Recently, the social media group announced that even those without an FB account can make use of the messaging app. New features like GIFs were also added to amp the messenger experience.

And with the virtual assistant, Facebook can definitely amp the dynamics of the messenger experience. Private companies will also benefit from the current 700-million users registered with the app.

This move is seen as Facebook?s aggressive bid to make FB messenger a stand-alone product. Facebook is considered one of the most successful social media platform, and it definitely has the power to connect individuals from different walks of life.

Facebook Messenger has been known as a very unpopular tool when it went full-blast last year. It was also met by much resistance from FB users, as people had to download the application and use it separately from the main FB app.

But in time, users have learned to accept the messaging platform, and today, almost a billion downloads have already been recorded by Facebook.

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