Iron Man Video: History of the Suit

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SEGA of America Presents All-New Iron Man Behind-the-Scenes!
SEGA of America is excited to present the latest Behind-the-Scenes video from the upcoming Super Hero title – Iron Man. In this feature, take a look at the history of the renowned Iron Man suit and how it plays a role in the game. Check out some Iron Man suit background from creator Stan Lee as well as some info on how the suit was built for the game and some of its unique features from the members of the game’s development teams. This immensely powerful suit is what gives Iron Man the ability to fight off not just one opponent at a time, but armies of men looking to take him down. In Iron Man the video game, players become this classic Super Hero and master the suit in this epic battle to save the world from the weapons created by Stark Industries. Upgrade the suit to face even more intense foes – both on the ground and in air and become one of the strongest heroes ever.

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