Iron Man 4 Update: Dr. Doom To Become Iron Man? What Happens To Tony Stark?

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Tony Stark has been the face of the red metal suit for years now, however, recent reports suggest that in Iron Man 4, somebody will take over the suit and it is in the form of Dr. Doom. Is it possible? Or, is it just a rumor?

It is a known fact that Marvel Studios have already taken a different path in making their movies from the actual source, the Marvel Comics. However, it is also true that the production team may still base the fourth installment of Iron Man on the original storyline, which is Dr. Doom using Stark?s suit.

Furthermore, Marvel illustrator Alex Maleev posted on his Twitter account the possible look of the villain in the suit. The suit is in black and grey including a cloak wrapped around his back with a hood on his head. After readers saw the tweet pic, speculations circulated that Tony Stark may actually step aside from the lead role of the franchise.

Aside from Iron Man 4, it seems like Tony Stark is indeed experiencing some serious demotions all throughout the summer because there are also reports that in the upcoming Spider-Man: Homecoming, he will be killed. Then, Riri Williams will replace him in the 2018 movie, Avengers: Infinity War.

There is no confirmation regarding the issue, but in the comic version titled Civil War II, Stark is trying to figure out who he really is without the Iron Man suit. It is then revealed that because of the stress he is experiencing, the superhero will hit the road, which is the main reason why Williams will replace him in the red metal suit.

On the other hand, there is still hope in this case because Marvel writer Brian Michael Bendis mentioned in a recent statement that fans should not act like they already know the ending of the comic version because there are still a lot that are bound to happen.

Whether or not Tony Stark will be the focal point of Iron Man 4, one thing is for sure, it is never going to be the same with him not taking the lead role. Share your thoughts in the comment section below. The release date of the movie has yet to be unveiled because even the production has not started yet.

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