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Iron Maiden Mobile RPG ‘Legacy Of The Beast’ Will Pay Tribute To the Band’s Legacy

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Cover art for the song “Legacy of the Beast” by Iron Maiden.

Rock bands rarely participate in video games that aren?t music-based, like ?Rock Band? or ?Guitar Hero,? so it?s interesting to see rock legends Iron Maiden in a mobile roleplaying game (RPG) called ?Legacy of the Beast.? The mobile RPG currently has no release date yet as Roadhouse Interactive is still developing it.

In the game, players will play as the legendary Eddie through numerous time periods of the band?s existence. As the gamer shifts through different periods, each Eddie will play differently, with unique abilities and slightly altered appearances.

Touch Arcade confirmed that the game will feature a lot of music from Iron Maiden, which should please fans of the rock legends. There will also be some unheard live recordings of the band, which is rare in video games. Fans of the band might want to pick it up just for the additional music.

Roadhouse Interactive has worked on some ?metal? games in the past, like ?Warhammer 40K: Carnage.? Given the developer?s background on extremely metal games, it seems like it will be a good fit for the game and the band?s style of music.

Apparently, the game won?t be some cheap cash-in on the band?s success. According to a press release from Roadhouse Interactive, the mobile RPG will provide a very deep gaming experience. Whether this means fans can get to know the band better or if it has a fascinatingly deep story remains to be seen.

Meanwhile, the people in the band seem to be a big fan of video games. Their 1999 music video for ?Speed of Light? was obviously video game-influenced. Hopefully, this means mobile gamers can get a satisfying gameplay experience from the Iron Maiden mobile game, especially since it?s an RPG.

?Legacy of the Beast? might be coming out this year, but no proper release date for the game has been announced as of this writing. The game will be coming to both iOS and Android devices, though there?s no word on the title coming to Windows Phones just yet.


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