Mobile Suit Iron Blooded Orphans Episode 35 Spoilers and Episode 34 Highlights: Gundam Flauros Versus Gundam Vidar?

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Mobile Suit Iron Blooded Orphans Episode 35 Spoilers

Episode 34 gave us an in-depth look at the potential development of IBO?s beloved characters. Is there trouble brewing? What?s in store for Mobile Suit Iron Blooded Orphans Episode 35?

Episode 34 Highlights

Looks like Gundam Vidar is ready for combat, piloted by the Masked Man. While a new mobile suit appears for Tekkadan. Some say it looks like the Unicorn Gundam from the series, Mobile suit Gundam: Unicorn. Soon, this particular mobile suit that was found in the mine was discovered to be a Gundam Frame, Gundam Flauros.

Meanwhile, Teiwaz talks about the recent deal between Tekkadan and Gjallarhorn. In this deal, Tekkadan will be rewarded with control over Mars. Teiwaz believes that it will be profitable for them if Tekkadan is successful. However, should they fail, they will cut off ties with Tekkadan and Naze will offer his life instead.

Naze then warns Orga about being challenged by other members of Teiwaz. Naze vows that this is the last time he?ll forgive Orga since he cannot betray Old Man.

During this episode, it was also revealed that Ms. Merribit and Tekkadan?s mechanic, Old Man, are dating. Chad realized that this is true because the mechanic did not smell bad anymore. Apparently, Chad was the only one who did not know about it!

Mobile Suit Iron Blooded Orphans Episode 35 Spoilers

The episode ends with Iok and Julieta fighting mobile suits. The Masked Man is then shown piloting his awesome-looking Gundam Vidar.

Mobile Suit Iron Blooded Orphans Episode 35

Rumor has it that the next episode will be an intense one. It should show a confrontation between Iok?s group and Tekkadan. This will be a perfect time to show what Tekkadan?s new mobile suit, Gundam Flauros, has in store. They will surely test out the full strength of Gundam Vidar and see how it fairs against Gundam Barbatos.

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