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Iran Bans Pokemon GO due to security

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Pokemon GO Iran

Pokemon GO is one of the most popular mobile games right now. It has dominated the Google Play and Apple App Store download charts ever since it was released and now it has slowly spread to more and more countries. While the game recently launched in more countries in the Asia and Oceania region, one place where the game will not be releasing is Iran. This is due to the recent news which has surfaced that the game is banned in Iran due to security reasons.

Pokemon GO is the augmented reality game which has taken the world by storm. Ever since it launched last July 6th in four countries, it has expanded exponentially to include more than fifty countries worldwide. While the game has already grown extremely fast, the game?s developers still plan on adding more countries to its list of releases.

Sadly, Iran will not be one of those countries which will be getting Pokemon GO as BBC News has reported that the game has been banned in the Middle Eastern country. According to the report, the decision was made by the High Council of Virtual Spaces, the authorized body which reviews and oversees online activities in the country.

The reason cited by the High Council of Virtual Spaces is security as the main basis for the ban. This comes as a huge surprise as Iran becomes the first ever country to issue a ban against Pokemon GO. It is still uncertain at this point if the ban is a permanent one, but Pokemon fans in Iran have to be very disappointed that they cannot play the game anytime soon.

Pokemon Go

The same report mentioned that last month Iranian authorities were already waiting to see what extent the game?s developers will co-operate with them before making the decision whether to ban the game or not. It appears that the council leaned towards the former with the recent announcement made by them.

While the Pokemon GO ban may seem like too extreme for some, the Iranian government may have their own reasons why they decided not to allow the game in the country. It is still too early to tell if other countries will follow suit so it is certainly one developing story that you should watch out for.

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