iPhone Vs Android: Are You An iPhone Or Android Person? Take This Quick Test To Find Out [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Iphone vs Android

Forbes wrote an article about a study by Civic Science that virtually compartmentalized iPhone users and Android users. And while some of the data might sound a little bit stereotypical, it?s fair to say that the numbers are thought-provoking, to say the least.

We used this data to come up with a little sorting game. The game progresses with the help of a series of questions built around the data in the study. It?s fairly simple: you just need to start at the top, and follow your choices all the way to the bottom to see which part of the spectrum you fall into.

How did we come up with the questions and the results? Well, people were asked about their education, income, jobs, and general lifestyle in the study.

(Spoiler alert)

Forty-eight percent of the respondents with better education preferred this particular phone, for example. Meanwhile, eleven percent went for the other phone.

White-collar workers, or people who earned more, went for this phone. On the other hand, technophiles and computer-savvy individuals preferred this mobile?probably because the phones were more customizable than other. You have to take the fun quiz to make sense of what we?re talking about here.

The biggest clincher was the lifestyle question. Hard drinkers went for… This leads us to infer that other phone users preferred lighter drinks, like beer or shandy.

The interesting part isn?t really knowing if you?re an iPhone or Android person, but how much of each you are or you can be. Moreover, share the test with your BFF to see if, indeed, you?re of the same feather.


Are You An iPhone Or Android Person? Take This Quick Test To Find Out

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