iPhone update problems: how to fix them on your own

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No matter what model you own, you?ve probably encountered a lot of iPhone update problems. It seems that every time Apple releases new iOS firmware, it?s up to you to update at your own risk since a lot of problems have cropped up simply from adopting the latest iOS version.

Thankfully, iOS 7.1.1 hasn?t revealed the usual security bug that most iOS updates always have. A rule of thumb we want to stress with our readers is that it?s always better to wait a few days or weeks before you update with any newly-released firmware to see if other users encounter any problem. At least you get the update with eyes wide open.

So if you?ve encountered these iPhone update problems, we have some quick fixes you can do on your own:

Touch ID not functioning

When iOS 7.1 rolled out, you could hear the collective cry of the iPhone users who suddenly lost their fingerprint ID functions. Although Apple ignored their questions in their support page (as usual), they rolled out a fix disguised as an ?improvement? in 7.1.1. If your Touch ID isn?t working, try these

  • Restart your iPhone by pressing the power and Home button at the same time until the phone restarts. Enter your code then lock the phone again and use Touch ID.

  • Go to Settings>Touch ID and Passcode then delete all the fingerprints in your database. Input all the fingerprints again.

  • Restore your iPhone through iTunes to your backup settings before the firmware update. Set up your Touch ID at the Startup Wizard.

No Service for cellular data users

Let?s face it; compared to other smartphones, the iPhone doesn?t have that powerful a signal booster or receptor. This is why some users might experience no signal dots at all for their carriers after an update. Here are some possible fixes:

  • Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to open the Control Center. Activate Airplane Mode using the airplane icon and leave the phone in that mode for at least 30 seconds. Deactivate Airplane Mode and see if the signal returns.

  • Restart the phone by pressing the power button and the Home button at the same time.

Increased battery drain

Lots of users fly off the hook when they notice that they aren?t getting the same battery life as they did nbefore the update. Our advice is not to panic immediately or get mad; some of your settings may have been reset and that?s what?s causing the drain:

  • Go to Settings>General>Background App Refresh and disable all the services that you don?t need every second of the day.

  • Go to Settings>Personal Hotspot and disable it.

  • Go to Settings>Accessibility and disable LED Flash.

  • Disable Siri.

Freezing and lagging.

The most panic-inducing iPhone update problem is when you?re using an app or service and it stalls or takes forever to load or switch. This may be a problem with the app itself or with the firmware. Here are some quick solutions:

  • Press the Home button twice to bring up the app manager. Swipe up on the frozen app and close it then use the app again.

  • Restart your iPhone using the same method mentioned above.

Bluetooth connectivity with keyboards or cars isn?t functioning.

iOS 7.1.1 purportedly fixed this problem but for the users whose devices persist to fail in pairing or detection, try these:

  • Restart both your iPhone and the device you want to pair with then try pairing again. Keep in mind that iPhones usually pair only with fellow iOS devices unless specified by the device.

  • Remove the apostrophe from your iPhone?s name using Settings>About>Name.

If none of these fixes work for your problem, keep in mind that you can always take your device to an Apple service center. If they can?t fix it, you get a brand new device after two weeks of waiting.

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