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iPhone Tips You Wished You Knew All Along

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Quickly Shut Off Yor Flashlight
In iOS?s Control Center, an access to a flashlight is included. If your flashlight is active, you?ll be able to shut it off quickly using the camera shortcut from your iPhone?s lock screen.

Close Three Apps At Once
Do you need to force-close multiple applications quickly? Instead of looking like you?re clawing your phone?s screen, swipe your screen with three fingers to close three apps.

Search Text Messages
Here?s another feature that you might not know about your iPhone. If you want to find a specific text message, at the top of the message interface, pull down the search bar or simply tap on it to reveal it.

Use Rich Formatting
In some apps, you can make texts bold, italics or underlined. But if you have no idea it exists, then you might miss it.
Highlight the text you wish to edit, and then in the copy/paste pop-up, tap the arrow. After that, select the ?B I U?? to configure the formatting options.

Make Custom Vibration Alerts
Do you wanna know if your girlfriend is calling without looking at your phone? iPhone has got a fun option that will let you create a custom vibration for specific contacts.
To do this, go to Contacts, then pick a contact, and on the upper-tight corner, tap Edit.
Scroll your way down to Vibration, tap on it select Create New Vibration. An interactive screen will open, create a pattern tapping and holding. If you want long vibrations, use long presses.

Lock Focus and Exposure
When you?re using your iPhone?s camera, tapping its screen will set the focus and exposure for that object. However, the settings will be lost the moment the camera moves.
To lock your iPhone?s focus and exposure, tap and then hold until a yellow bar appears at the top of your phone?s screen. Even if you move your camera, the exposure and focus will be unaffected.

Charge Your Device Faster
There are times that you will need to charge your phone fast, and the quickest way to do that is to enable Airplane Mode. This will cut off all your phone?s data transmissions, and your device will charge faster. Also, be sure to leave your backlight off, too.

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