iPhone Tips: Doing This To Your iPhone Might Just Save Your Life

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If you’re just using your iPhone for messages, games, and social media, you’re missing a lot of features, buddy. The Apple device is not the greatest smartphone in the world for no reason. It doesn’t not only have high-quality configurations and design, it has tons of goodies as well that make the handset even more useful than an average device. One of these is a subtle, life-saving feature hidden in the Health app.

Imagine this scenario: You got into an accident and you are unable to respond. You don’t have anything with you except your iPhone. It contains all the details the medical staff needs but it’s locked with a passcode. How will they access your medical and personal data or inform your family?

Enter the Medical ID, it is the iPhone equivalent of an emergency contact form. It’s basically a file in your iPhone that provides pertinent medical, pharmaceutical, contact, and personal information which first responders will need to help you in cases of emergency.  It is accessible from your Lock screen, so if the medical team shows up, they can simply tap the Emergency button and get all the details they need.

The brilliant nurse, Julia Thompson, urges all iPhone users to take time to set one up now so it could help you later.

iPhone Tips: Set Up and View an iPhone Medical ID

The Medical ID is a free feature on iPhone. If you have an iOS device running iOS 8 or higher, here’s how you can make one, per Dummies:

  1. Open Health app.

  2. Select Medical ID in the Browse bar at the bottom of the screen.

  3. Tap Create Medical ID.

  4. Filled out the necessary fields including name, medical conditions or allergies, medications you take, blood type, and whether you’re an organ donor.

  5. Enable ‘Show When Lock.’ This makes sure the feature is acccessible from your iPhone’s Lock screen.

  6. Scroll further down the screen to Add Emergency Contact. This opens the Contacts app. Just find and tap the name of your emergency contact and the phone number you want to add. Then, identify the person’s relation to you. After that, you’re automatically back to the Medical ID screen in Health.

  7. Tap Done and your Medical ID should already on your lock screen.

iphone tips medical id

iPhone users aren’t the only ones who can benefit from Thompson’s advice. Android users can use the system’s very own ICE (in case of emergency) feature that works similarly “so no excuses not to have your information on hand.”

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