iPhone Stun Gun?

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iPhone Stun Gun?


One would think that we already have too much iPhone variants. Now comes a report that an ?iPhone stun gun? was seized in Manchester, UK.

Don’t worry, this is not a device that is sold in your neighborhood Apple store. But, it is a real item that can easily be bought, even by 14 year olds.

Yes, a 14 year old was arrested with suspicion of possessing a deadly weapon when a police officer inspected what looked like a black iPhone but turned out to be a stun gun.

The police officer got the ?shock of his life? when he conducted the search on the boy after the youngster, aged 14, together with three other boys (one aged 16 and two aged 17), were reported for a ?hate incident? involving a bus driver. The officer suffered a shock as he examined the device, but was not injured in a serious manner.


The ?iPhone stun gun? has the capability of emitting a large jolt of electric shock that can injure an individual. Stun guns have been reported to cause fatal heart attacks in people with cardiac problems.

When the police officer, Sgt. Phil Marsh, searched the possessions of the 14 year old, he was found to carry a knife and the device that turned out to be a stun gun disguised as an iPhone.

Sgt. Marsh described the device as ?It has the appearance of a black iPhone but the volume buttons are more prominent…..The top has a silver strip with two points from which the current is discharged….The volume buttons appear to activate the device.

He added that ?People need to be aware that possession of them is an offense under the Firearms Act.?

The 14 year old boy was also arrested for the racially aggravated offense as well as possessing the bladed weapon. The other three boys were also arrested for being suspected of racially-aggravated offenses with one of them also investigated for being in possession of marijuana (cannabis). All four have made bail and the police are conducting further investigation into the matter.


Media reports have noted that stun guns, most of which are made in China, can easily be ordered over the web for just US$ 25 Dollars (15 pounds). These stun guns have the capacity to emit an electrical charge of up to 50,000 volts and can cause massive or even fatal injuries.


They are marketed primarily as self-defense devices or gadgets for personal protection. Many undesirable individuals however have been reported to use the device for violent purposes and criminal activities.

Further research done by The Bitbag has also unearthed ?stun gun? devices that are actually made to look like mobile phones for the purpose of concealment and carrying convenience. A simple search in online stores and social networks reveal a wide array of stun guns that are disguised as iPhones and other mobile phones.

We will look more into this and do visit us again here at The Bitbag for more news on ?mobile phone stun guns?.


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