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iPhone SE Release Date And Features: Is It Worth The Wait?

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Details about the upcoming iPhone SE or iPhone 5SE have been building up and people are looking to find reasons on why they should buy the upcoming iPhone. However, it?s likely that waiting for Apple to launch their new smartphone shouldn?t be worth the wait, and here are some reasons to look over.

Same as the iPhone 5S?

According to Gizmodo, ?the actual design of the iPhone SE is hard to anticipate. Early rumors suggested the new pint-sized iPhone would look similar to the 5S, keeping many of the same design choices like placing the power button on the top instead of the side.?

Other rumors have indicated that it might be a mixed design of the iPhone 5S and iPhone 6. Nevertheless, if you?re looking for a new design that will get you excited, the iPhone 5SE or iPhone SE might not be the device you?re looking for.

No 3D Touch?

Another reason why people, who are waiting for the release of the new iPhone SE, shouldn?t stand by anymore and could be let down is that it will reportedly have no 3D Touch, which Apple considers to be their hyped pressure sensitive screen technology.

?Fitting 3D Touch into the smaller 4-inch factor of the iPhone SE was likely a step too far (at least for now) given the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus had reduced battery capacities just to accommodate it. Meanwhile a 3D Touch capable iPhone SE would eat into profit margins and destroy a key reason to upsell customers to the 6S and 6S Plus,? wrote Gordon Kelly from Forbes.

iPhone SE will still go strong?

As for the expected income of the supposed iPhone SE, analyst Amit Daryanani suspects that the upcoming iPhone will add $5.5 billion in sales on Apple?s bottom line, Apple Insider reported. ?Daryanani believes his estimates are supported by earning from Apple supplier Dialog Semiconductor, which told investors it expects its revenues to be up in the single digits for the full year. The integrated circuit maker is believed to derive more than 70 percent of its revenues from Apple, and investors look to its performance to gauge potential iPhone sales,? according to Apple Insider.

The 4-inch iPhone will supposedly be going on sale March 18, but further reports suggested that the launch may be pushed back to March 21 that will cost around $400 to $500 for the 16GB and 64GB models, according to Gizmodo.

Setting aside the somewhat low-end design and features that could be included in the 4-inch iPhone, there?s still room for Apple?s upcoming iPhone to stand out among its smartphone competitors.

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