iPhone SE Leaked Image: Worst Fear Comes True?

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A new iPhone SE leaked image douses cold water on the excitement of iPhone fans that, finally, Apple might release a high-storage phone model. The image shows an alleged packaging side of SE, which reveals some of the unit?s specs. Most tellingly–if the image is valid–iPhone SE will only sport a 16GB storage for its base model to the potential dismay of iPhone fans. The image was leaked via the account @ttsmile_d in Weibo.com, China?s popular social media network.

The letdown comes on the heels of the disappointing low storage for both iPhone 6S and iPhone 6 S Plus. Even if SE is not an iPhone flagship, many fans had hoped for larger gigabytes to help them store more files, particularly videos and images.

However, reports say that SE is also available in 64GB, which many would have wanted to be the base so Apple would release a 128GB version.

iPhone SE is expected to be rolled out this March 21 at an Apple press event, according to MacRumors. The latest iPhone model is viewed as the next generation for iPhone 5s, the latter being expected to be phased out soon. Although SE looks similar to 5s from the outside, inside is a different matter. SE features upgraded specs like A9 chip, always-on Siri, 12MP camera, and Apple Pay support. Other standard features include: 802.11ac Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.2, and a 1,642mAh battery.

As for its price, the $400 to $500 tag is expected to bring in more mobile users to the iPhone sphere. Analysts believe this price strategy is targeted at the budget smartphone market, mainly Android and

Windows Phone users.

Apple is also expected to launch a smaller iPad Pro and an Apple Watch upgrade during the March 21 media ?event.

Are you happy even if the iPhone SE only comes with 16GB?

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