iPhone Screen Glitch: How To Fix A Stuck Screen; iPhone 6, 6 Plus Affected

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The widespread screen glitch problem seems to be specific to a couple of Apple iPhone models. To be specific, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are apparently prone to this particular issue.

The screen glitch problem is reportedly a ?structural design flaw? and it is being referred to online as the ?iPhone touch disease.? The ones with this problem will see flickering screens and after sometime, the display dies or becomes unresponsive to touch. The device users can only see a flickering grey bar located at the top of the display.

As the smartphones of today don?t come with physical keypads but rely solely on touch screens, it?s becoming even more problematic as there is no way out. This problem was first discovered by the prominent tech blog?iFixit. Folks working for iFixit shared a post saying Apple ignored the ?design flaw? specific to the iPhone.

While many iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus users are facing this issue, the Plus variant is apparently the badly affected one among the two. In any case, readers should note that even though many iPhone users have complained about this issue, not all are facing it.

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How many are affected by iPhone screen glitch problem?

As mentioned earlier, not all are facing the problem, but the issue is quite common as noted by tech portals. Apple forums are filled with complaints from many iPhone 6 users.

One of the iPhone users apparently noted that he went to the Apple Store to get the problem reported and also to find a fix. Apple representatives apparently told him that Apple doesn?t recognize this iPhone screen glitch as an issue. Therefore, they cannot help in this situation.

Why is this iPhone screen glitch issue popping up now?

According to the iFixit team, the iPhone screen glitch issue is caused by ?two chips,? which tend to get detached from the logic board.

So why did this problem not pop up when you first buy the phone? With the issue being a design flaw, iFixit says the problem will only come to the fore eventually — because the crack has to deepen ?into a full separation of the chip-board bond.? After which, ?the periods of no touch function become more frequent.?

What about iPhone 6s?

Both iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus are reportedly not prone to this issue because the same chips are connected in a different way, unlike the iPhone 6 series.

What is the permanent fix for iPhone screen glitch issue?

To permanently fix this issue, you need a new set of chips to be soldered on to the logic board. If you have the Apple warranty left, you are covered.

The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus users, who have no warranty left, have reportedly been asked to purchase a new handset. The other way is to shell out dollars from your own pocket and get it fixed by Apple.

However, iFixit says iPhone 6 users should get the logic board repaired by third-party experts. This method would be inexpensive.

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