iPhone Rumor Roundup: Apple’s LG Investment, No Touch ID Sensor, and More

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iPhone 8 rumor roundup
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The past week has been a bit quiet when it comes to iPhone 8 rumors. Only a handful of reports and leaks of the alleged prototype of the said phone. While it has only been the second weekday of July, there are more news to come on the iPhone 8.

Some of the things you might have missed last week include a leaked prototype, rumors about the Touch ID sensor and some serious news about Apple’s plans on investing with LG and its display manufacturing plants.

Apple rumored to invest  more than $2.5 billion for LG display manufacturing

According to reports from The Investor, Apple is planning on investing up to $2.62 billion on LG’s display manufacturing plan. The only sole proviso for this investment is that LG will be manufacturing displays only for the iPhone products. At the moment, the deal is still being finalized, according to the same report. However, it may be that the details will be revealed after the company’s board meeting later this month.

Unfortunately, this big investment will not affect the iPhone 8 at all. However, it will directly affect any iPhone devices released from 2019 and beyond. According to The Investor, by the start of 2019, LG’s OLED manufacturing plan will be able to supply around 60,000 displays per month.

Right now, Samsung holds the majority share of the global supply for OLED displays. Its biggest client, although not entirely a secret, is Apple. According to earlier reports, Apple has already ordered around 100 million units of OLED display from Samsung. While this figure is yet to be confirmed, it still shows the level of confidence Apple has on the iPhone 8.

iPhone 8 rumor roundup

Flexible OLED panel from LG Display (via lgdisplay.com)

New alleged iPhone 8 prototype

For weeks now, we have been seeing a lot of alleged mockup units of the iPhone 8. These leaks went on for weeks, showing week after week of various levels of details on the said mockup unit. However, a new leak was just posted by Benjamin Geskin a few days ago.

For those who are unaware, Geskin has made his naming in the mobile leak community when he leaked the prototypes of the Galaxy S8 and S8+. Now he is back with another set of images, this time showing an iPhone 8 prototype that Apple has been using for several months now.

The image of the prototype is quite different from the alleged mockup units released previously. Instead of the weird top-display cutout, this version has a completely intact display. In fact, the panel look like a cross between the LG G6 and the Samsung Galaxy S8.

Just like the current design that has been circulating for a while, this alleged prototype also does not have a physical home button at the front. Unfortunately, none of the images showed the rear part of the prototype. That is why we cannot confirm whether this version of the iPhone 8 has a rear-mounted Touch ID sensor.

No Touch ID sensor for iPhone 8

Speaking of the Touch ID sensor,  a new rumour just came out saying Apple might ditch the Touch ID sensor altogether. According to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, while the iPhone 8 will offer the biggest display real estate when it gets released, there is a strong chance that it may not have the in-display fingerprint sensor that everyone is raving about.

Kuo said that the leaked mockups do resemble the actual product itself, down to the “notch” at the top of the screen. According to Kuo, his predictions are based on two issues that are plaguing the in-display fingerprint sensing technology: instability and unworkability.

Kuo said that the current capacitive fingerprint sensing technology still does not work. Furthermore, the scan-through ability of the current system is still subpar and does not work all the time.

While this may sound quite upsetting especially for hardcore Apple fans, it will be a very good news indeed for Samsung. Earlier last month, the company was reportedly considering ditching the in-display fingerprint sensor due to some technical issues. If Apple does not release the iPhone 8 with the said security feature, both Apple and Samsung will be on an even playing ground again when it comes to technological breakthroughs on mobile devices.

iPhone 8 rumor roundup

Comparison between older and current Touch ID sensor (via ifixit.com)

USB Type-C under Lightning port

Another main feature on the iPhone 8 that Kuo mentioned is the fast charging ability. For years, major Android smartphones have had this feature that enables users to charge their devices even quicker. Now, according to Kuo, Apple will incorporate the said feature on the iPhone 8. However, anyone expecting a full blown USB Type-C interface will be up for a disappointment as the feature will still be encased with the Lightning port interface.

In essence, the updated Apple interface port will be given a new circuitry similar to the USB Type-C standard to make use of the fast charging feature. Nothing will change in terms of physical connections, only in electrical signalling and current and voltage delivery to the iPhone 8.

Finally, Kuo has reiterated that all three iPhone models will be announced during the September Apple event. However, the iPhone 8 is still expected to get a later release due to various supply constrains. Also, it while it may get released around October, supply will still be limited as Apple is still struggling to secure the components for the phone.

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