iPhone Notifies Owners of Solar Powered Tzukuri Sunglasses If Sunnies Are Lost or Left Behind

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iPhone Notifies Owners of Solar Powered Tzukuri Sunglasses If Sunnies Are Lost or Left Behind

Tzukuri sunglasses, made by Tzukuri of Australia, is a solar powered eyewear that is synced with iPhones and together, they notify owners when and where their sunglasses are, in case they are lost or left behind.

We are all familiar with the ?Find my iPhone? app that lets us locate our smartphones when they get lost (or stolen). There are also smart tags like the Bikn, a USB sized device that uses the same technology to track and recover items that are attached to it (like keys, bags or even pets).

An Australian company that markets a line of sunglasses or sunnies, has come up with a unique kind of eyewear that takes advantage of the same ?Find My? tech.

Tzukuri has come up with a line of sunnies, that contains a tiny chip and a solar charger, that is synced with iPhones to enable users to be notified once they accidentally leave their eyewear behind. It also tells them where they left it.

Using Bluetooth Low Energy, the Tzukuri sunnies that come in 6 attractive designs and 3 sizes, activates a Tzukuri app on the iPhone, that alerts the owner if the eyewear is away from the iPhone for more than 5 meters. The app alerts the owner every 5m up to a distance of 15m.

If ever the owner does not notice the alert, and eventually wonders where the sunnies were left, the app will show the location of the Tzukuri solar powered eyewear, on a map.

The Tzukuri app can also determine if the owner is at specific locations, like at home, and disables the notification automatically. The app is pretty accurate that it can pinpoint the location of the eyewear up to a ?foot? of where it was ?lost?.

The Tzukuri is not all tech. The design is very stylish and the eyewear is made in Japan ?by hand?. The items are made using 100% Ultraviolet (UV) protective lenses with fine acetate.

The sunnies line is not yet available in stores, but pre-ordering is already going on with a price tag of US$ 249 dollars. The price will jump up to US$ 349 dollars once they get sold in retail stores.

To get your pair, visit or contact Tzukuri at the links below:


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