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iPhone and iPad Tips and Tricks

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These iPhone and iPad tips and tricks are definite must-knows for all iOS users. Just because the iPhone and the iPad are really easy to use, that doesn’t mean these two awesome devices don’t have great secrets that let you use their functions much easier. As long as you know a few shortcuts and tricks, using your iOS device can be even better.

So if you’re looking for iPhone and iPad tips and tricks, here are some really useful ones:

1. Type on your iPad using your thumbs by pulling the iPad keyboard apart. This way, the onscreen keyboard is split and can now be reached with your thumbs.

2. Take a screenshot using your Apple earphone remote. Just click the + button on your Apple earphones to take a picture while the camera app is on. You can also start and stop shooting a video using the middle button.

3. Restrict you child to one app and dictate which parts of the screen he or she can touch with Guided Access. Just press the Home Button 3 times in quick succession and you can set what buttons and screen area your child can use.

4. The limit for number of apps or icons in a group is gone. You can now put as many apps you want in one group. Just keep dragging the icons you want under one group.

5. Just tap the space bar on the onscreen keyboard twice to put a period to the end of ?sentence and begin a new one.

6. iOS7 lets you save your passwords to all your accounts using iCloud Keychain. Enable the option in the Settings app. Whenever you want to login an account on your iCloud Keychain, it brings up the information for you.

7. You can create an icon for a website from your Safari browser. Open the website on Safara and tap the options button and set it as an icon on the Home Screen.

8. When you’re in Safari, tap the area on the screen you want to zoom into twice and it will magnify that area. If you want to exit the zoomed-in view, tap the screen again.

So what are you waiting for? Go try out these great tips and tricks for your iPhone and iPad.

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