iPhone and iPad App Scentee: How to Make iOS Devices Let You Smell Almost Anything

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Plugin Device for Smell-O-Vision

There have been a lot of technological advances in the past years. Gadgets, Software and applications of all sorts are everywhere. There?s an app for bookworms, for spy-feeling people trying to pin down their own location (and the location of somebody else), for producing art, retouching pictures and music. Almost everything has already been covered by technology, but one might not have heard of this one just yet.


It was an April Fool?s joke first which BBC TV aired in an interview in 1965. A man claimed that he invented the ?Smell-O-Vision?. According to this guy, it will allow the viewers at home to be able to get a whiff of the aromas going to be released in the T.V studio. He sliced some onions and brewed a pot of coffee for a quick demo. Weird that some viewers called in to confirm that they, indeed, had a whiff of the stuff from the TV sets.

Plugin Device for Smell-O-Vision

Plugin Device for Smell-O-Visionwhiff of the stuff they ?transmitted? through the TV sets.whiff of the stuff they ?transmitted? through the TV sets.

A group of bored, but intelligent people must have taken this joke too seriously. Chef Andoni Luis Aduriz of Muragitz restaurant worked with a Japanese tech company to create an app that would complement the idea. The app, with the help of a plug-in device called ?Scentee?, would disperse an aroma of one of a restaurant?s dishes.

The application is very simple to use. Just select a dish on the menu that you can find on the website of the restaurant on your phone?s app screen, and the plugin device will release a fracture of the scent of that certain meal or dish.

The gastronomy festival Madrid Fushion made way for the idea to be pushed through and it is still a work in progress by a professor from London?s City University.

It would be certain that this unique innovation would open up new possibilities for other things rather than just foods like experiencing 4D on video games (where you can smell the gun powder or smoke when firing your weapons,?or going through forests and experiencing explosions etc)

Scentee is already available for purchase all over the world and more information can be seen on their official website http://www.scentee.com/ which is available in both Japanese and English language.

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