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iPhone Free App Xprt – Free Support for Your iPhone Problems

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Image source and credits: Apple Copyright ? 2015 Apple Inc. All rights reserved

Having technical issues with your iPhone 5? Xprt is an iPhone App that can help you with your Apple mobile problems, FOR FREE!

Smartphones are the most popular gadgets today and when you say smartphones, first thing comes to mind would probably be iPhone 5 or any iPhone model from Apple?either that or Samsung Galaxy, depends on your preference of course.

iPhone is pretty much high-tech compared to the phones back in the ?90s where the only solution for some technical issues is restarting the phone or taking out the battery. Needless to say, today that is not recommended.

So when we encountered some problems with our smartphones?specifically the iPhone?, majority of its users turn to Google for some ?quick? advice. However, the response for your question might take a few hours?to days. Luckily, there?s a new App for your iPhone that lets you talk to an expert, IN REAL-TIME!

iPhone 5 Free App ?Xprt?

Xprt is a messenger type of App that allows you to speak with other experts through your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch with a simple, user-friendly UI.

Waiting for your answers can be frustrating and looking for How-To?s can sometimes give you more problems than fixing it.

Here are the details of Xprt according to their iTunes App store:


  • As stated on their iTunes page, Xprt is compatible with iOS 7.0 version or later. Not just for iPhone though, this App is also compatible to the Apple iPad and iPod Touch!


  • Real-Time expert advice and support from well experienced experts
  • Personal, one-on-one chat with the expert
  • Instant answers are delivered to you in just a matter of seconds to minutes depending on the issue you have encountered
  • Chat Messenger UI. So it?s easy to familiarize yourself with this App.
  • And above all, IT IS FREE! No charges, no bills, not a single dime or penny, NADA! (Note: Tipping the expert is optional though, as said on their page, they never charge for any kind of payment)

You can download Xprt App for free in the iTunes App store or just click here for fast solution to your problems!

Image source and credits: Apple

Copyright ? 2015 Apple Inc. All rights reserved

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