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iPhone App oSnap Sends First Mobile Scent From Paris to New York

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iPhone App oSnap Sends First Mobile Scent From Paris to New York

A group of scientists from Harvard has successfully sent a ?scent? across the globe, from Paris to New York, using an iPhone app called oSnap. The ?scented message?, which smelled of ?champagne? and ?passion fruit macaroon?, was transferred with the use of a messaging platform called the oPhone Duo.

How would anyone be able to send a message you can smell?


An app ? the oSnap ? is custom designed to take an image of anything, and is capable of being tagged with what the scientists call ?aroma notes?. The range of aromas, numbering around 3,000, are then transported with the use of a ?smelling station? called the oPhone Duo. The range of scents, classified in categories from ?Paris Afternoon? to ?Plantation?, gets tagged or attached to what they term as oNotes, and is accessed through the pipe-like oPhone Duo smelling station.

The oPhone Duo, is controlled by the oSnap app in order to open the oNote.

Isn’t that oFantastic?

Still confused?

When a sender sends an oNote, the receiver will click a link that will direct the receiver to an image that contains the aromatic scents. The device ( iPhone) must be connected to the smelling station (oPhone Duo) in order to ?smell? the scents attached. The oPhone Duo emits the chosen ?notes? that come with the image.

A sender with the oSnap app can send and receive oNotes even without the oPhone Duo smelling station. But instead of smelling the scents, the app will just convey a detailed description of the scent for the receiver.

oPhone Duo Smelling Station

oPhone Duo Smelling Station

For those who do not want to avail of the oPhone smelling station (available for US$ 149 dollars at their Indiegogo page), there are two hotspots available in New York and Paris (for now) where the scents can be experienced the way it should be.

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