New Analyst Report Confirms iPhone 8 In-display Touch ID Sensor; Release to Face Major Delays

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Analyst confirms iPhone 8 Touch ID sensor location

For the last couple of months, there have been a massive surge of reports about Apple’s upcoming tenth anniversary iPhone. At first, market reports surfaced claiming iPhone 8 production is wrought with complications especially the phone’s fingerprint scanner.

iPhone 8 Touch ID sensor issues

According to the said reports, Apple Touch ID supplier Authentec is still trying to sort out the assembly issues between the fingerprint sensor and the phone’s display. The same report claims that due to this, Apple might opt to delay or redesign the Touch ID sensor altogether.

Meanwhile, a few days ago, a report from Digitimes claims that major Apple supplies have already ramped up their production numbers in preparation to the iPhone 8. In addition to this, Foxconn and Winstron were reported to have started training their respective personnels for the iPhone 8 assembly. The report ended with a claim that production for the said phone could start as early as July.

For a few days, all hopes were restored especially for hardcore Apple fanatics. Fans who are expecting to get the new phone as soon as it releases. However, a new report from Timothy Arcuri of Cowen & Company suggests that the start for iPhone 8 production might get delayed after all.

Analyst confirms iPhone 8 Touch ID sensor location

Alleged iPhone 8 design schematic (via slashleaks.com)

Production delays

The cause for the said delay goes back to the same issue with the Touch ID sensor and the display. According to Arcuri, Authentec is still trying to increase yield figures for the said fingerprint sensor. For now, it would seem that mass production will not start right away, further delaying the production of iPhone 8. Instead of the supposed July to August mass production schedule, it looks like production might get moved to October or November.

Cowen & Company released a report to its investors saying that the iPhone 8 production will be delayed. However, the agency confirms that there is nothing to worry about regarding Apple’s financial turnover for the 2017 fiscal year.

Rather unwittingly, it seems that Arcuri somewhat confirmed that the Touch ID sensor of the iPhone 8 will indeed be embedded in the display. This claim goes against the latest leak for an iPhone 8 schematic design.

In-display vs rear-mounted Touch ID sensor

In the said leak, it can be seen clearly that the Touch ID sensor is situated at the back of the phone. While there are no ways of verifying the validity of the said leak, nor the report from Arcuri, it seems like everything is just a mess right now.

So far, there have been contradicting reports of what the iPhone 8 will and will not be. There have been far too many leaks of what lookalike design schematics and mockups of the phone. Right now, it is getting rather frustrating as to which one to believe.

Analyst confirms iPhone 8 Touch ID sensor location

Alleged iPhone 8 mockup (by Benjamin Geskin)

Other iPhone 8 specs

While a number of market experts continue to argue about the supposed release of the iPhone 8, it seems that most of them agree that the phone will feature massive technological breakthroughs. Chief of which is the rumored support for augmented reality as well as 3D facial recognition. It is still uncertain whether the tenth anniversary iPhone will feature an iris-scanning feature similar to the Samsung Galaxy S8. However, earlier reports suggest that Apple have considered the technology along with the facial and fingerprint recognition features.

Readers should expect the iPhone 8 rumor mill to get far more complicated. This is especially true as we inch closer to its supposed release. For more updates on the iPhone 8, be sure to check us out at TheBitbag.

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