New Leak Creates Confusion Regarding iPhone 8 Touch ID Location

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New iPhone 8 leaked schematic creates confusion regarding Touch ID sensor placement

For the last couple of weeks, there have been numerous reports saying the iPhone 8 is currently in production, or would be at some point. Along with this news, some images of the metal mould for the phone surfaced the Internet. What this mould showed is the absence of any additional hole that will suggest a rear-mounted fingerprint scanner. However, a new leak seems to bring back the old rumor about the iPhone 8 having the said Touch ID design.

The latest iPhone 8 image or schematic leak shows what people have been talking about since April. In the said schematic, it can be seen that there is an extra hole at the back of the iPhone chassis. This could is said to be for the Touch ID sensor of the phone.

The said sensor has been a cause of a lot of contentions lately. Originally, it was reported that it will be an in-display sensor that will be embedded underneath the display panel. After that new surfaced, almost immediately, there were reports saying Apple might opt out from the said design due to assembly issues. A few weeks after that, the news about the iPhone 8 surfaced saying that the in-display Touch ID sensor is a sure thing.

New iPhone 8 leaked schematic creates confusion regarding Touch ID sensor placement

Alleged iPhone 8 schematic (via slashleaks.com)

The latest image leak for the iPhone 8 does not correlate directly with earlier reports, especially the supposed metal moulds. In the said moulds, there is no visible hole that will suggest a rear-mounted fingerprint scanner. Instead, the only holes that can be seen are for the vertically mounted cameras, LED Flash, and the rear microphone.

It is interesting to note that the new schematic shows the LED flash at the bottom of the camera assembly. In earlier leaks, the flash is positioned in-between the two camera sensors.

This latest news about the iPhone 8 just makes things a bit more confusing. As indicated, it goes against earlier reports on the alleged design of the phone. Nevertheless, this is probably just one of the prototypes that Apple studied for its design considerations. There is no way of telling if the said image does pertain to the actual iPhone 8 units the is expected to be unveiled in September.

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