Alleged iPhone 8 Schematic Shows Internal Component Arrangement

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Aleeged iPhone 8 schematic shows up online

A couple of days ago, an alleged iPhone 8 GeekBench leak has caused quite a commotion. Obviously, a lot of adoring Apple fans got a bit excited at what they saw on the supposed benchmark results for the iPhone 8. However, that bubble was burst almost as quickly as it had come. Moments later, people from Primatelabs trashed the said leak as being fake. Now, another leak came out just moments after debunking the previous one.

Just as SlashLeaks was taking the beating after the fake leak, OnLeaks somehow managed to post another one. Only this time, instead of a benchmark result, the site posted an alleged image of a schematic for the iPhone 8. While it may not sound that much, My Drivers somehow managed to get its hands on an updated version of the original image posted by OnLeaks.

iPhone 8 hardware details

According to the My Drivers website, the updated image came from a guy who goes by the name Wei Feng. In the said image, although most are written in Chinese, it can be seen that there is an array of what looked like sensors on the top of the schematic. According to the same leak, the sensors in question could potentially turn out to be cameras.

Aleeged iPhone 8 schematic shows up online

Alleged schematic of iPhone 8 (via onleaks.com

Now, having a total of four cameras on the front part of the phone may seem a bit too much. However, there is a chance that those sensors will be used for augmented reality or AR applications.

Since the very beginning, it has been rumored that Apple is putting as many new features on the iPhone 8. The main highlight of these alleged features is augmented reality.

Vertical dual rear camera, wireless charging, and TouchID

Also from the leaked image, on the upper left part of the schematic, one can clearly see that the cameras are aligned vertically. This new camera arrangement was reported weeks ago when a somewhat similar drawing of the iPhone 8 surfaced on the Internet. However, one interesting bit about the camera is the placement of the LED flash. It would seem like the flash is situated in between the two camera sensors.

Right in the middle of the schematic, shown with the green pattern is said to be the wireless charging coil for the iPhone 8. From the comment next to it, it seems like the technology provider will be Qi or Wireless Charging Consortium.

Finally, before moving on to different parts of the schematic, it is also quite clear that there is no TouchID cut-out on the back of the iPhone 8. This could mean that Apple has indeed pushed for the display-embedded fingerprint sensor instead of a rear-mounted one.

Alleged iPhone 8 schematic shows up online

iPhone 8 schematic showing internal components (via mydrivers.com)

Other iPhone hardware

Moving on to other parts of the schematic, the Taptic Engine, although somewhat misspelt, is clearly visible too. Right above it is a seemingly large battery assembly and on the right side of it is the logic board.

The stereo speakers, the Lightning port, including a collection of buttons are also clearly marked on the said drawing.

Unfortunately, while these information may seem quite exciting and enlightening, there are now ways of confirming the veracity of the leak. Even the first leaked image from OnLeaks has been thrown in doubt when the poster announced that he cannot confirm if the leak is true or not.

This is why readers are urged to take this piece of information with a grain of salt. Nevertheless, it is quite intriguing as to how much technology Apple is putting into the iPhone 8. Perhaps, having four front cameras in addition to the two higher-resolution sensors at the back may warrant its supposed steep price. But for now, all that can be done is wait and see until such time that Apple releases the iPhone 8. Which, according to earlier reports, could happen sometime between October and December this year.

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