iPhone 8 Rumors: Upcoming iPhone Codenamed ?Ferrari? According to Recent Leak

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iPhone 8 Rumors

The iPhone 8 is definitely going to be the most highly awaited smartphone of 2017. As early as now, fans are already clamoring to get any detail they can find about the upcoming device. One recent iPhone 8 rumor has revealed that the upcoming flagship smartphone from Apple is actually codenamed ?Ferrari.? This should definitely get fans waiting for every iPhone 8 Rumors very excited.

While the iPhone 8 is not expected until middle to late 2017, the rumors about the device are already starting to surface. This has made iPhone fans even more excited. This is especially so since details about the upcoming phone has already been revealed.

iPhone 8 Codename is “Ferrari”

The recent iPhone 8 leak though references the codename which Apple has given to the upcoming iPhone. According to Forbes, a Weibo user has leaked documents which show that the 2017 iPhone is codenamed ?Ferrari?.

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Of course, ?Ferrari? is a name that does not need any explanation. Its use as a codename for the iPhone 8?though is certainly very intriguing. The same report mentions that the ?Ferrari? codename is just for the high-end model of the iPhone 8.

The same leak also confirms the early rumor that there will be three different models of the iPhone to be released next year. This is certainly going to be something, which iPhone fans will be watching out for next year.

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iPhone 8 Design

As for the ?Ferrari? iPhone 8, it is expected to feature a curved OLED display. This is something new to the iPhone and will certainly mark a major change in the phone?s design. The sleek design of the upcoming iPhone 8 may be the reason for the ?Ferrari? codename.

Another possibility could be the speed and performance, which is expected of next year?s high-end iPhone. With a brand new processor expected to power the iPhone 8, it is surely going to be a very fast and powerful device.

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There is still a lot of time between now and the iPhone 8 release so there may still be a lot of changes set to happen. iPhone fans should just keep on watching out for more news and updates as surely more will come in the coming months.


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