iPhone 8 Rumors: Bigger Battery And Forged Stainless Steel Frame

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iPhone 8 rumored with new battery technology and claims on stainless steel frame

At the moment, the iPhone 8 is perhaps one of the most anticipated phones. Apart from representing the 10 years of iPhone technology, it is also said to showcase a lot of design changes. Rumor has it that Apple is pulling all the stops when it comes to the iPhone 8. And now, another report seems to build on the earlier rumours about the iPhone’s stainless steel frame.

According to Digitimes, the iPhone 8 will come with reinforced glass backing and forged stainless steel frame. The frame will be made by US-based company, Jabil Circuit. Meanwhile, the iPhone 7s will remain to be made from aircraft grade aluminum alloy supplied by Catcher Technology.

In the meantime, there are also new reports that the upcoming iPhone 8 will feature a new battery technology. According to the said report, the battery will be like a 2,900 mAh cell with a unique L-shape. This is to maximise the use of empty space within the iPhone’s chassis.

iPhone 8 with new battery technology and stainless steel frame

iPhone 8 concept by ConceptsiPhone (via youtube.com)

If this rumour holds any truth in it, it means that iPhone fans will finally get what they have been asking for. For years, battery life has been a big issue on iPhones as they tend to run out of juice quite fast. With the new battery design paired with the OLED display, it is quite possible for the iPhone 8 to last longer than normal.

Apart from the rumored stainless steel frame and new battery, the iPhone 8 is also said to finally sport an OLED display. Something that many iPhone aficionados have been wanting for a very long time. However, there are mixed reports about the size of the said display. Majority of the earlier reports claim that the OLED display will be that of a 5.8-inch panel. However a new report seems to contradict that report.

It was reported earlier this week that Samsung Display has signed a deal with Apple just recently. This deal is for supplying 5-inch OLED displays to Apple. However, the reports were not clear on whether or not this deal is for the iPhone 8. Nevertheless, this made a lot of experts speculate that Apple could be releasing two iPhone 8 models this year.

The tenth anniversary iPhone is still months away from its supposed release. Known analysts claimed that Apple does not intend to release its next flagship anytime soon. Even though, according to recent reports, the initial production for the phone is going ahead of schedule. Instead of doing an early release, the tech giant is still pushing for a September release of the iPhone 8. For more updates on the iPhone 8, be sure to check us out at TheBitbag.

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