iPhone 8 Rumor Roundup: Leaked Manufacturing Patents Confirm a Surprising Feature

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Apple iPhone 8 release date
Apple iPhone 8 patents

It is not 2017 yet and we are still over nine months away from the iPhone 8 unveiling but it remains one of the hotly debated topics. Apple is reportedly celebrating the 10th anniversary to mark the iPhone launch with a bold new design and a complete overhaul from the current iPhones.?The Cupertino tech giant has not confirmed anything regarding the iPhone 8, but reports continue pouring, confirming several rumored radical changes and updated features.

Three iPhones Confirmed for 2017

The newest iPhone model line was so far rumored to have a curved OLED display and to be launched in three variants. Three iPhone models in 2017 were confirmed by Apple Insider, citing leaked manufacturing documents from Apple’s East Asian supply chain. Apple plans to market three iPhone 8 models, designated D20, D21 and D22 in 2017.

Apple intends to launch two upgraded iPhone 7 models, alongside a high-end iPhone 8 dubbed, ?Ferrari?. The report claims that the newer D20 and D21 models will be the iPhone 7S and the 7S Plus, with no huge upgrades due to the ?consumption of existing inventory components.? The D22 will be the high end iPhone 8 model. The ?iPhone 8 Ferrari will?support a glass sandwich design, borderless OLED display, “invisible” home button, wireless charging and more.

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Apple is even?bringing a substantial internal redesign for the high-end device. The logic board will break into two parts. The first board will carry iPhone 8?s operating parts. The second will have the communications package with WiFi and cellular components. Apple is even considering relocating the SIM card tray toward the bottom of the handset as revealed by the leak.

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Dual SIM Support

In addition, Apple will be including dual-sim capabilities on the iPhone 8. Latest patent leaks confirm the idea of a Dual-Sim tray for the next-gen iPhone. The company filed patents with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for the same. Apple also filed for similar patents in China, which reaffirms its commitment.

iPhone 8 Concept Design

Meanwhile, another Apple blog, iDropNews, dropped a series of iPhone 8 concepts. The concept imagines the?rumored the Curved OLED display that will?headline the smartphone. The?image has a beautiful iPhone 8 without a Home Screen button, sporting a curved display. The iPhone 8 display has subtle curves unlike the dramatic slope in Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

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However, there?s currently no indication whether or not Apple will follow such a design pattern. Stay tuned for the hottest on the Apple iPhone 8, iPad Pro 2, iMac 2017 and other Apple products.

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