iPhone 8 Rumor Roundup: Display, Touch ID, Apple Neural Engine

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Every day, fans and consumers alike are getting nearer and nearer to getting their hands on the iPhone 8. Rumors are still abound the the tenth anniversary iPhone will be unveiled sometime in September amidst numerous delays.

In the previous week, fans have seen quite a number of reinforcing reports about the alleged features of the phone. Starting off with the highly controversial Touch ID sensor.

Touch ID to be embedded under OLED display

Perhaps one of the most talked about feature of the iPhone 8 of late is the Touch ID sensor. There have been numerous reports in the past suggesting the said feature will be mounted on the rear of the device. There were even some leaked images and renders of the supposed backing for the iPhone 8. These images and renders show that the said sensor is to be installed at the back of the phone.

On other notes, there are some articles online that beg to differ. For instance, a reports from Timothy Arcuri of Cowen & Company claims that the Touch ID sensor is indeed to be mounted behind the display. This report was corroborated by Digitimes late last week saying that Economic Daily News cited Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company as the source of the information.

iPhone 8 rumor round up

3D render for iPhone 8 back housing (via weibo.com

Until now, it is still uncertain where exactly the Touch ID sensor will be located. For sure, Apple tried a variation of configurations for the said sensor on the iPhone 8. Thereby exist multiple reports of the supposed sensor location. Nevertheless, it seems like more and more reports are starting to lean over the in-display mounted Touch ID sensor instead of the rear-mounted one.

Apple iPhone 8 display aspect ratio

Speaking about the iPhone 8’s display, many would know by now that Apple intends to use an OLED panel, a 2.5D type to be exact, on its next flagship phone. This is something that many iPhone users have been waiting for as most Android phones right now have the same display and they did not want to be left behind.

Furthermore, OLED displays offer a few improvements to common LCD displays used on current and previous iPhones. For instance, OLED displays are better in color reproduction. Most images displayed on an OLED panel are more vibrant than an LCD. Another important feature of OLED displays is the inherent increase in power efficiency. This is due to the fact the OLED displays do not use LED backlighting to make the picture elements visible.

Finally, on the subject of displays, it was also reported last week that Apple might opt for the same display aspect ratio on the iPhone 8 as with the Samsung Galaxy S8. Market reports claim that OLED manufacturers have ramped up 18:9 aspect ratio display panel production in anticipation for the increase in orders this year, majority of which will be coming from Apple.

iPhone 8 rumor round up

Alleged iPhone 8 display design (by KGI Securities)

Artificial Intelligence with Apple Neural Engine

Right now, most mobile devices offer some sort of virtual assistance that encompasses machine learning or artificial intelligence. There are currently a number of iterations of virtual mobile assistants in the market. In Apple’s case, it is Siri.

For years now, the company has been trying to improve on the said virtual assistant app. Apple even included Siri on the latest version of macOS Sierra. Rumor has it that on iOS 11, Siri will become even more integrated with iOS devices and applications such as iMessage.

Now, Bloomberg reports that Apple is considering developing its own artificial intelligence chip to aid the development of applications in the same area. The report claims that the said chip is currently called Apple Neural Engine.

The Apple Neural Engine will be integrated to future devices, not only iOS. It will be used mainly on tasks that require human intelligence. These tasks include facial recognition and speech recognition to name a few.

Unfortunately, while this may sound truly exciting, it is still uncertain if the said chip will be featured on the iPhone 8. The Neural Engine is still in its early stages of development. There are chances that it might not make it in time with the phone’s release. Nevertheless, Apple, for the time being, might rely on its in-house A11 chip. This will be enough for much of the augmented reality and artificial intelligence that the iPhone 8 will have.

iPhone 8 rumor round up

Alleged iPhone 8 mockup (by Benjamin Geskin)

It looks like the specs for the iPhone 8 is slowly getting finalized as the days go by. For now, perhaps it is safe to say that anyone expecting an in-display Touch ID sensor will not be disappointed when the phone gets released. The same goes with the rumored OLED display of the phone. Most of the rumors regarding this matter has always been about OLED and they have been pretty consistent all the way.

The only question right now is when is the phone getting release. There are many school of thoughts about this issue. Reports left, right and center suggest that Apple is having issues with the production major components for the iPhone 8. Chief of which is the Touch ID and OLED display assembly.

Many are still hoping that Apple will unveil the much awaited iPhone later this year. This is mainly because some fans are actually curious as to how the phone would look like in physical form. Furthermore, some analysts believe that if Apple fails to release the iPhone 8 later this year, it would mean a great loss for the company in terms of sales. This is due to the fact that its rival, Samsung, is expected to released another flagship later this year.

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