iPhone 8 Renders Home Button Obsolete; To Be Replaced With Function Area

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Consumers across the globe have been waiting for the release of Apple’s next flagship phone, iPhone 8. Features of the phone have yet to be revealed, but rumors about it are already online. Previous speculations suggest that the Home button of the handset will be removed, and it appears like Apple is changing it to a Function Area.

As previous reports mentioned, Apple will ditch the Home button on the lower part of the handset. KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said the Cupertino-based company will now dedicate the extra part of the screen to virtual buttons. Buyers should also expect a full screen design for it will allow Apple to integrate the function area on the handset. If ever, this would be the first time iPhone will have such feature.

According to Apple Insider, iPhone 8 will sport a 5.8-inch OLED panel. However, the handset will only have around 5.15 inches on the diagonal, for the remaining part will be dedicated to the virtual buttons. Kuo also noted that this new feature could be incorporated into new bio-recognition assets of the phone.

It can be recalled that back in 2013, Apple introduced the Touch ID fingerprint recognition technology on iPhone 5. They later expanded it to all iPhone and iPad models. This somehow suggests that if Apple would really launch a new bio-recognition on iPhone 8, other Apple products will have the upgrade as well.

iPhone 8 Recognition Features

Speaking of the new bio-recognition features of iPhone 8, Apple Insider also noted that it could be a 3D laser scanning module. The publication noted it will be capable of facilitating facial recognition and “augmented reality applications”. Other speculations state that a newly improved finger scanning tech could also be introduced alongside a secondary form of authentication.

As of writing, Apple has yet to confirm these theories, but it seems like consumers will no longer see the Home button on the upcoming iPhone 8. Meanwhile, another improvement rumored to be included on the handset is enhanced Siri. According to Apple CEO Tim Cook, it will make the consumer’s life way easier. Let’s wait for further announcement to know what he was talking about.

These are just some of the latest news and rumors about the upcoming Apple iPhone 8. Do you think the new function area will improve the handset’s performance? Or will it disappoint the users of the phone? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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