iPhone 8 Release Date, Rumors: Apple Phone To Have Edge-to-Edge Display?

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iPhone 8 Rumors

The iPhone 7 is still just a couple of months old yet but many tech fans are already excited to see the next flagship smartphone from Apple. The phone is expected to be called the iPhone 8 and it has already been linked to many rumors floating on the internet. The latest iPhone 8 rumors mention that the upcoming smartphone could have an amazing edge-to-edge display. Surely, this kind of feature will wow everyone.

The iPhone 7 is considered by many as one of the best smartphones of the year. Unfortunately, it did not offer a radical design change that some were expecting. iPhone fans may finally be getting their wish very soon though. This is because the rumors surrounding the iPhone 8 indicate that it could finally feature a design overhaul.

Edge-to-Edge Display for the iPhone 8?

iPhone 8

According to CNET, one big possibility that Apple could add to the iPhone 8 is an edge-to-edge display. This is certainly something extremely unique and will undoubtedly be revolutionary.

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There has been talk from Apple and other smartphone manufacturers of their intention to remove the physical home button on their phones. This could very well happen by next year for the iPhone 8 if the early rumors are true.

The edge-to-edge display will offer an amazing aesthetic design for the upcoming iPhone 8. It could also maximize the screen size of the phone if Apple can successfully find a way to remove the physical home button altogether.

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Curved iPhone 8 Also a Possibility?

Aside from the possible edge-to-edge display, there is also a strong chance that there will be a curved iPhone 8 releasing next year. This becomes possible with the move by Apple to using more flexible OLED displays starting next year.

It is worth noting that Samsung has already used the technology for its Galaxy S7 Edge and the Galaxy Note 7. Apple could finally keep the next iPhone up to par with the aforementioned flagship smartphones.

All of these are just mere speculation at this point as Apple has been very tight-lipped about the iPhone 8. Surely though there is going to be a major change with the iPhone 8 and fans should definitely be excited for it.

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