iPhone 8 Price Will Curb Market Demands for Tenth Anniversary iPhone

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iPhone 8 price will curb demands according to market study

In about six months, Apple is expected to release the iPhone 8. The highly anticipated tenth anniversary iPhone is said to include a plethora of new upgrades not commonly found on a standard iPhone. While this may sound pretty exciting to any Apple fan, JPMorgan begs to differ.

According to a report by Business Insider, JPMorgan believes that the iPhone 8 pricing will restrict its marketability on release. This, according to the same report, could be intentional as Apple would want to control the demand for the upcoming phone.

An analyst from JPMorgan also said that even though the iPhone 8 is a bit more expensive to produce, it would still make up around 41 percent of the total iPhone sales for 2017. The report also mentioned that Apple might sell around 260 million iPhones this year alone; a huge increase from last year’s 211 million.

iPhone 8 price will curb demand according to market study

iPhone 8 concept (via macrumors.com)

The JPMorgan report also highlighted the key differences and similarities of the iPhone 8 versus its siblings, the iPhone 7s and 7s Plus. As reported earlier, all iPhone models this year will have front and back glass cover. This design feature will pave the way for wireless charging for all iPhone models.

As anyone would know by now, the main difference between the three iPhone models for 2017 is the iPhone 8’s OLED display. So far, the JPMorgan report seems to agree with earlier reports about the tenth anniversary iPhone including the 3D front imaging sensor.

At the moment, there are rumours that the iPhone 8’s chip will be mass produced by Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company starting next month. Even though Apple seems way ahead of its schedule, there are still talks that the iPhone 8 will only be released in limited quantities this September. The official release of the phone is said to come much later in the year.

Unfortunately, these are mere speculations made according to what the market is dictating. For now, Apple has yet to release an official statement about the report. However, chances of that happening is far less than the possibility of having a product release this April. For more updates on the iPhone 8, be sure to check us out at TheBitbag.

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