iPhone 8 News: Is Apple Focusing on iPhone 8 Instead of Updating iPhone 7?

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iPhone 8 News

After releasing iPhone 7 in September, Apple fans are now very much confused. They are confused whether to buy iPhone 7 or to wait for iPhone 8. Recently, iPhone 8 news rumors spread that Apple ?was planning to introduce iPhone 7 Pro instead of iPhone 8.

Apple will celebrate its 10th anniversary next year. It is speculated that the company is planning to reveal something bigger for its fans in order to mark its successful decade. The company bagged the highest revenue generating company in history and it is planning on leaving an indelible mark for its anniversary.

People Demanding iPhone 8, instead of updating iPhone 7

According to sources, apple fans are refusing to buy iPhone 7 from the sellers. Some of the sellers even reported that the buyers are declining to buy the Jet Black iPhone 7 Plus model. The sellers also reported that the buyers were waiting for iPhone 8 instead of buying iPhone 7 or iPhone Plus, as per Trend Base.

Besides, it was also speculated that Apple will completely redesign its iPhone?s model with an edge-to-edge OLED display with glass casing. The company was even planning to introduce wireless charging and wanted to replace its iconic home button at the back.

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As per the reports provided by Trend Base, Apple has given up on their iPhone 7, with three-quarters still to go until the next launch cycle begins. This created a strong signal that the company is now planning to launch iPhone 8 instead of providing an update version of iPhone 7.

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iphone 7

People are facing trouble with iPhone 7

Besides the launching of iPhone 8, the company is facing a little difficulty with the sales of iPhone 7. The company is facing a strange situation as most orders for the iPhone 7 models are being returned.

iPhone 7 comes without a headphone jack. In addition, it comes with a new click-less home button. This?might be the reason of declining sales of the seventh series. Let?s see what will be the next model from the tech giant.

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