iPhone 8 Might Feature Laser Focusing for Improved Photo and AR Experience

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iPhone 8 to have rear-facing VCSEL sensor for AR and photo

Consumers will be pretty convinced by now that the iPhone 8 will include a front-facing 3D facial recognition hardware. There have been many reports about this one since analyst Ming-Chi Kuo speculated about it. However, a new kind of feature, somewhat related to 3D facial recognition, has been brought to life recently. And it looks like it is coming to the iPhone 8 as well.

According to Fast Company, Apple engineers are currently busy working on a prototype for a laser-based autofocus system. This hardware will be used in conjunction with the rear cameras of the iPhone 8.

A part of its purpose is to enhance the augmented reality experience on the phone by taking precise depth measurements of its surroundings. Furthermore, it will also be used to improve on the performance of camera focus for the iPhone 8.

The source of the rumor claims that the engineers are still working on the system. Meaning, it is not yet ready for production. However, there is a strong likelihood that the said system will be included on Apple’s tenth anniversary phone.

iPhone 8 to have rear-facing VCSEL sensor for AR and photo

VCSEL sensor module via ledinside.com)

The source also said that various companies including Lumentum and Finisar have already qualified as potential suppliers for the said hardware. Also, last June, both companies have discussed parts procurement with Apple for the laser focusing system.

The type of laser that will be used for the focusing system is called vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser of VCSEL. This type of laser is more compact than a standard laser hardware common in the market. Also, the system will involve a sensor and a chip that will process the depth being perceived by the system. According to the source close to the Apple supply chain, the entire assembly will cost around $2 each.

Unfortunately, as mentioned earlier, the system is still being tested even at this very moment. There is no firm confirmation if it will make it to the iPhone 8’s launch date in September. Nevertheless, the source claims that Apple might include the hardware and have it activated on a much later date.

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