Advanced Facial Recognition, 3D Selfies Possibly Coming To iPhone 8

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An Apple patent details iPhone 8's possible facial recognition technology.
An Apple patent details iPhone 8’s possible facial recognition technology.

Apple has yet to confirm the iPhone 8 but we already have an idea what the model might offer, thanks to the company’s newly granted patent. The United States Patent and Trademark Office published this week the company’s filing of a technology that enables facial recognition and 3D imaging — features that have repeatedly appeared in iPhone 8 reports from analysts and insiders.

First reported by Apple Insider, the patent in question is called “Enhanced face detection using depth information.” It presents a new face detection method which utilizes depth map data and the images of the scene or background. The depth map will help plot the coordinates of the human faces detected from a particular scene. Once it detects the faces, a window will define and scale each face accordingly based on where the window appears in the depth map.

According to the site, the concept comes from PrimeSense, the company behind the technology that powered the original Kinect. Apple has acquired the firm back in 2013. It remains unknown where the company would integrate the technology. However, the best candidate so far is the rumored premium iPhone allegedly coming later this year.

The newly published Apple patent hints that a facial recognition feature may come to iPhone 8.

Advanced Facial Detection, 3D Selfies

CNBC notes that the publication of the patent bolsters the claims which KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo previously made. Last month, he suggested that the iPhone 8 will arrive with a camera and infrared module which will detect faces and capture 3D selfies. If done right, consumers can use the features to replace the faces of their characters in certain games.

JPMorgan analyst Rod Hall also suggested that Apple might ditch the fingerprint sensor and home button in favor of a 3D scanner. The technology could carry out biometric facial scanning, which can unlock the phone and authenticate a user for the App Store or Apple Pay.

If these won’t come to fruition, the company might use it in cars instead. The patent mentioned that “a vehicle-mounted system” can utilize the technology as well “for automatic detection and reading of traffic signs.” While the Apple car is just a myth at this point, it could become one of the key components of the company’s vehicle should it release one in the future.

So far, Apple has not yet confirmed anything about the premium iPhone. Rumors have it, though, that the company will name the device either iPhone X or iPhone Edition. Whatever the case, all speculations point to the same cost of $1000. It will reportedly launch later than the iPhone 7S and 7S Plus.

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