iPhone Dummy Showing Stainless Steel Frame, Vertical Dual Camera and No Rear TouchID

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Alleged iPhone 8 dummy surfaces

In the last couple of weeks, rumors about the upcoming Apple iPhone 8 have been abundant. There was even a report from Bloomberg saying that the Cupertino company is busy testing out a number of prototypes for the tenth anniversary iPhone. Now, a new leak seems to give a better idea of what the iPhone 8 would look like when it releases later this year.

The latest images actually came from the same guy who made a name in leaking various upcoming mobile devices including the Samsung Galaxy S8. However, this time arounds, known leaker Benjamin Geskin was kind enough to share a dummy model of the iPhone 8.

Now, one might think that this is possibly what the iPhone 8 would look like. However, keep in mind that the previous Bloomberg report says that Apple is testing out more than one prototype. This means that the new leaked images could be one of the many.


In the said leaked images, one can see clearly the absence of the TouchID sensor from the back of the device. Earlier last week, it was rumored that Apple might veer away from the display-embedded fingerprint scanner in favor of the rear mounted one. This is mainly because the company’ main supplier is still having issues merging the display and the sensor together.

Another stark feature of the dummy model is the vertical duo camera. It has been reported many times that Apple is considering this camera configuration as it deems it will give better imaging quality.

The one thing to note, however, is the fact that this could be an elaborate hoax. Readers are still urged to take this bit of news with a grain of salt. Nevertheless, everyone can agree that  if this happens to be what the iPhone 8 would look like, users are in for a thicker phone. Furthermore, there seems to be more surface area on the display in comparison to the Samsung Galaxy S8.

Unfortunately, this purported design could still change as the days go by. Evidently, the display-embedded TouchID will still depend greatly on the manufacturer’s ability to generate enough units to comply with the demands. For more updates on the iPhone 8, be sure to check us out at TheBitbag.

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