Apple iPhone 8 Release, Specs: Display Will Have Same Aspect Ratio as Samsung Galaxy S8

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iPhone 8 display aspect ratio

Samsung has been one of the first phone makers to showcase a different display aspect ratio for mobile devices. The Galaxy S8 sports what Samsung calls as Infinity Display and has display ratio of 18.5:9. The new aspect ratio is slightly slimmer than the standard 16:9 and favors easy handling and usage. This is perhaps why Apple might adopt the same display aspect ratio for the iPhone 8.

According to Digitimes, major display panel makers for mobile applications are boosting production of 18:9 aspect ratio displays in later this year. The boost is said to meet increased demands for display with the said size. The market is expecting a massive increase in orders from phone makers like Apple and Samsung for 18:9 displays.

The report also claims that Apple will use the same aspect ratio display for the iPhone 8.

The iPhone 8 is expected to sport a 5.8-inch OLED display panel. Although there is an obvious increase in display area, the smartphone will assume a size similar to the 4.7-inch iPhone. Beneath the display will be the Touch ID sensor for biometric scanning.

iPhone 8 display aspect ratio

Alleged iPhone mockup (by Benjamin Geskin)

Apart from the new display technology, the iPhone 8 is also rumored to include various new features. Chief of which is the augmented reality feature.

This particular feature will make use of the 3D front camera of the phone. The iPhone 8 will also have infrared sensors to detect depth to compliment the 3D cameras.

Perhaps another feature that most Android fans will be happy to hear is the wireless charging functionality. For quite some time now, Android fans have been enjoying wireless charging on some premium Android phones. Having the same feature on the iPhone 8 will definitely pique the interest of many Android fans.

Despite many rumors of production delays, experts are still confident that Apple will be able to deliver the iPhone 8 later this year. Perhaps Apple is under pressure right now due to the fact that missing the 2017 release for the phone may lead to lost opportunity. Samsung is also expected to release the Galaxy Note 8 later this year. For more updates on the iPhone 8, be sure to check us out at TheBitbag.

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