iPhone 8 To Feature A Combination Of The First iPhone & iPhone 4S Design [Report]

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Recent Mac rumors have fed us all the features we might see on iPhone 8’s front, but we don’t really have much knowledge about what’s on the back. This isn’t the case anymore, though, as a new report fresh from Korea details exactly how Apple might design its rear part.

Korean publication ET News (via Apple Insider) reports that the tech giant has selected a 3D glass material on the back case that makes curves around the top, bottom, left and right edges. But these curves are said to be more “gentle and rounded” than the iPhone 7’s current design. If this seems familiar to you, it’s because it comes from the design of the original iPhone.

“Apple’s next iPhone is expected to be closer to ‘water drop design’. It embodies the back side design with curved emphasis, resembling the initial iPhone,” the outlet claimed. While there’s no way to validate the report, the iPhone 8 will serve as the first in four generations to sport the iconic feature should Apple incorporate the said design to the upcoming device.

We can recall that the Cupertino-based phone maker stopped or at least minimized designing its iPhone line with rounded edges since iPhone 4. Designed by Jonathan Ive, the bulges of the back panel and the band between the front and back were eliminated and have been replaced with flattened surfaces. Apple made the said changes for the uniformity of existing Apple products, including the iPad and the iMac.

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But while it may pay homage to the first iPhone, the iPhone 8 will also reportedly share similarities with the iPhone 4. Mashable suggests that the glass display and back will sandwich a stainless steel frame just like on the iPhone 4 and 4S.

Still Not The Same

Despite its resemblance to the previous models, the iPhone 8 should still look different from its predecessors. Most reports claim that the new device will sport an edge-to-edge, 5.8-inch OLED panel–much improved over the original’s 3.5-inch LCD. At the same time, it will most likely have a flat front and be far thinner than the 2007 phone which was nearly half an inch thick.

Furthermore, there might be no home button anymore. As reported earlier, Apple might be ditching the feature for a virtual “function area,” which should not only change its functionality but also help shrink the bottom bezel. Other rumored specs include wireless charging and 3D facial recognition. Augmented Reality support is being explored.

But again, the aforementioned are mere speculations. Little has been said about the rear design of the premium iPhone, so we don’t have anything yet to back up the claims Until Apple itself launches the product, we won’t know for sure how iPhone 8 will look like. Although unlikely, we’re keeping our fingers crossed that the company will give us a hint soon.

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