iPhone 8 Release Delayed, Apple Fixing Major Headphone Jack Problem With THIS New Feature

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iPhone 8 Release
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Bad news, Apple patrons. We might get our hands on the next-generation iPhone dubbed the iPhone 8 much later than expected. But before it distresses you, thankfully, there’s good news to balance the release delay. The company is incorporating a new feature to fix one of the main issues with its recent departure from the standard 3.5mm headphone jack. Read on to get the latest scoop on this story.

Delayed iPhone 8 Release

Although 2017 marks the 10th anniversary of the company’s smartphone line, a research note from Deutsche Bank claims that the iPhone 8 release won’t actually happen this calendar year. The report leans heavily on ValueWalk‘s story about delays in Apple’s supply chain. Apparently, the Cupertino-based tech giant is facing component shortages for the features reportedly included in the iPhone 8.

“As we have written in previous [research notes], several supply chain reports have suggested that key component shortages and technical challenges could delay the release of a high-end iPhone 8 device this fall,” the bank’s analysts wrote. “We believe this report further underscores the uncertainty around the timing of Apple’s next- generation iPhone model.”

But how long will it be delayed?

According to the authors, the timing around the iPhone 8’s release is uncertain. Therefore, there’s a high chance it could slip into 2018.

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It is unclear whether there’s any truth to the claims since the publication isn’t known for breaking Apple news. But reports iPhone 8 release delay are nothing unheard of. We have already learned from more reliable sources like KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo before that the device might not be able to make it to the expected September 2017 release. Just like the latest rumor, Kuo attributed the delay to “increased production difficulty.”

Headphone Jack Fix

Meanwhile, if you skipped iPhone 7 simply because it has no headphone jack, you might want to keep an eye on its succesor.  No, Apple isn’t bringing that feature back. However, it will reportedly introduce a new one for the next iPhone that would make your standard earphones useful again.

If you’ve been following the rumors, you should know now that wireless charging is on the cards. It’s not entirely clear which iPhone models could come with this feature. Either way, it’ll fix one of the main issues with Apple’s recent departure from the standard 3.5mm headphone jack in its iPhones.

We can recall that the company ditched the headphone jack for its iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. This forced users to use wireless Bluetooth headphones (AirPods), or use wired headphones with the included headphone adapter that plugs into the iPhone’s Lightning port. While it serves as a port for charging and listening via earphones, it can only be used for one purpose at a time. Unless of course if you buy a special dongle from a third party.

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So, if you want to use your wired headphones with the headphone adapter, you can’t charge the handset at the same time. Wireless charging would solve that problem. Here’s how according to Business Insider:

…An iPhone user could charge their iPhone wirelessly while using the Lightning port for either Lightning headphones or Apple’s packed-in adapter for wired headphones. In a way, it would be like getting the dedicated headphone jack back, as the iPhone’s Lightning port could be used exclusively for listening to music instead of both listening to music and charging.”

iPhone 8 Specs

Other than wireless charging, the iPhone 8 is also expected to feature an edge-to-edge OLED screen. It would also boast of a revamped camera, onscreen-embedded home button, and some augmented reality functionality. An iPhone 4-esque glass body is allegedly being considered as well. Click here for a detailed story about the expected iPhone 8 design.

What features would you like to see on the next-generation iPhone? Leave your comments below.

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