iPhone 8 to Benchmark Apple?s Successful Decade

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iphone 8 rumors

The only word which can describe iPhone 8 is ?revolutionary.? It has only been a few months since the launch of the iPhone 7, but Apple fans just can’t help?but visualize the innovative features of iPhone 8.

The launch of iPhone 8 is speculated to be early next year at the same time when the company is going to benchmark its successful decade. It is amazing that the ordinary iPod manufacturing company is now the biggest tech giant of all time. It is speculated that the company will launch?something powerful and innovative such as the?iPhone 8 on its 10th anniversary.?

Expectations from iPhone 8

The iPhone has completely revolutionized the way people communicate with their family and friends. It is speculated that the next iteration will be featured with many innovative technologies. The company is even planning to ditch the iconic home button. In addition, a fingerprint sensor might replace it on the back of the phone.

Apple generally patterns its major re-design every?two years and it is possible that the company will rename the iPhone to celebrate its 10th anniversary. Definitely, the company will?present something big to mark its successful decade.

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iphone 8 rumors

Features and specs of the new iPhone

Expect the new iPhone to have the most?advanced?features. Right from curved OLED Screen to wireless charging, fans can expect everything that they wanted to see in the latest model. Here are some of the fascinating features that you can experience in iPhone 8:

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– ????? Edge to edge OLED screen

– ????? Bezel-less design

– ????? Foldable screen

– ????? Wireless charging

– ????? Headphone jack

– ????? A-11 processor

– ????? A red colored iPhone

– ????? The only front facing camera

– ????? Device without iconic home button

– ????? A plastic screen, not made up of glass

– ????? A resolution higher than Quad HD

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