iPhone 8: The 10th Anniversary Phone?

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The iPhone 8 is highly touted to disrupt the smartphone industry. It will be released in 2017. This year also marks the 10th anniversary of Apple iPhone. Would iPhone 8 be the commemorative flagship phone? Or is there another one planned?

iPhone 8 Rumored Specs

Rumors have been piling up that in 2017, Apple is going to drop a major redesign for 2017. The iPhone 8 is expected to sport an OLED display. This is going to be the first time for the company. This will be housed in a glass body and will also be edge-to-edge. This is going to get rid of the top and bottom bezels. Apple is likely going to have an integrated Touch ID fingerprint sensor onto the display. Also, the front-camera too. This would be a radical new look for the franchise.

Mac Rumors have revealed that the iPhone 8 will likely not have a home button. Also, it will have the capability to charge wirelessly. The publication revealed though that the new iPhone will come in three models. Customers will have an option to get one with the OLED display or one of the two standard ones.

10th Anniversary iPhone

The iPhone 8 or iPhone 2017 is likely the 10th anniversary iPhone. It will feature a radical change from the standard by doing away with the bezels and integrating the camera and the Touch ID onto the display. It is likely, but will it be?

Mac Rumors reported that Jonathan Ive, the Chief Design Officer of Apple, wanted to introduce an iPhone that looks just like a piece of glass. A design based on this might just be the 10th anniversary iPhone released alongside the iPhone 8. This simultaneous release will be revolutionizing. The iPhone that would look just like a sheet of glass could have a limited release next year.

This simultaneous release is not confirmed though. It is likely that the rumored iPhone 8 and its specs are revolutionary enough to stand as the 10th anniversary iPhone. What do you think?

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