iPhone 7s News, Specs & Update: iPhone to Feature New Color and A11 Chip

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Tech giant, Apple Inc., is going to forge its 10th anniversary next year and fans are expecting something interesting and innovative from the company. Undoubtedly,?Apple has some big plans for?its fans and to commemorate its successful decade. Rumors say that the iPhone 7s will come in a red variant.?

Rumors have been aired that the company is ditching its iPhone 7 and started planning to launch iPhone 8. But recently, the company introduced a red colored iPhone 7 to support a cause for International Aids Day. Let?s discover everything that the company wants to offer its fans through iPhone 7.

Red colored iPhone 7s with A11 Chip

For supporting International Aids Day, the company updated it 7 series with the red colored case. But along with red colored case the company also updated its flagship chip from A10 to A11. Although the company is updating its 7s series, it is unclear that it is not planning to launch its iPhone 8 next year.

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The company has also taken an immense risk in order to provide something different. For iPhone 7 the company failed miserably for not embedding headphone jacks in the handsets. Although the Air pods invented by the company distinguished it from its competitors, it was a design failure for the company, as per BGR.

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It doesn?t appear to be user-friendly. It seems that the company has taken a step forward with its futuristic design, but at the same time it disappointed fans as they lost their expensive air pods.

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iPhone 8 and its innovative features

Apple wanted to offer a great experience to its users and with its innovative products, it is clear that the company is successful to in attracting the right kind of people. The company is constantly updating its product with the latest technology. This has made its fans to expect something innovative and advanced from the company

Fans are expecting wireless charging for its latest device. According to 9to5 mac the company is planning to introduce wireless charging, but the high-end technology may not be bundled with the handset. The user has to the wireless charging additionally.

Besides, the iPhone 8 is also expected to have edge-to-edge technology. The company is also planning to replace the iconic home button from front to the back of the phone. This also enables the users to use the entire display.

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