iPhone 7 Update: Rumored Design Reveals Surprising New Feature

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Apple has not given any promising signs on any new iPhone 7 update, so consumers are bound to rely on what they read online. However, the latest on the numerous leaks and rumors about the iPhone 7 may have something to do with the already elegant design of the phone. From a bigger camera feature to the eventual disregard of the 3.5mm headphone jack, indeed, the giant tech company is making some real changes.

Nevertheless, a recent report about a seemingly odd iPhone 7 design has emerged online and it?s nothing you have imagined before. The unconfirmed, but equally believable report, says that the device is a bit larger than the usual iPhone 6 and its ?S? series. Also, the notable antennae lines that were strategically installed at the back are still located at the back, but along the curved sides of the device.

The rumored iPhone 7 device might be a little bit thicker than the iPhone 6 device and shorter in a manner that it looks a bit ?chubbier.? Also, the iPhone 7 update is rumored to be narrower than its previous predecessor, so if you?re thinking of reusing that one hundred dollar iPhone casing on this one? Think again.

If you are wondering about the thickness of the device; after all, it?s the one thing that matters when it comes to elegant designs, the rumored iPhone 7 device is said to have at least 7.15mm thickness compared to the former 7.1mm thickness.

Meanwhile, reports also reveal that the iPhone 7 device will start at the 32GB storage range. That?s technically letting go of what used to be 16GB of storage on an entry level basis. For a mobile unit that offers 32GB/64GB/256GB, expect a rather steeper price in the market. With the amount of leaks that have gotten out, it has given fans enough ideas on the next-gen mobile device. We still encourage you to wait for Apple?s formal announcement on their next devices to confirm reports. Meanwhile, you may also check TheBitBag.com for Apple?s iPhone 7 updates, its release date and price in the market.

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