iPhone 7 Update: Pro Model Still Possible, 24K Gold Plated Pro Available for Pre-orders

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iPhone 7 Pro
iPhone 7 image:Martin Hajek

Apple is rumored to release the iPhone 7 in September. There are rumors that the company will launch the next gen iPhone in three variants–iPhone 7, 7 Plus and Pro. Although some reports claim that Apple has cancelled the Pro model, latest reports claim that the company will launch it along with the other two variants.

Recently, London-based customisation company Goldgenie, has launched pre-orders for a Gold iPhone 7 Collection in Dubai. This modified Gold edition is available in eight variants including the Pro model. The image posted on the Goldgenie website shows a gold plated iPhone 7 Pro with dual-camera and Smart Connectors.

The 24K gold plated smartphone will cost ?2,597, around $3,500. The so-called Smart Connector is clearly visible on the back of the device. This trio magnetic connector will be used for wireless charging, data transfer and connecting accessories. Interested customers can book this premium device on Goldgenie and have to pay half of its price in advance.

iPhone 7 Pro 24K Gold Image Goldgenie

iPhone 7 Pro 24K Gold:Image Goldgenie

The modified device is identical to the rumored iPhone 7 Pro. The device will be available with 64 and 128GB onboard storage. Goldgenie is offering free Apple EarPods with Remote and Mic and Lightning to USB Cable with the premium device. This is a confirmation of the lightning port in the upcoming iPhone 7. However, the image does not show the second speaker grill.

The device will be fitted with a 5.5-inch display. Although the customisation company hasn’t confirmed other specs in details, rumors have it that the device will be powered by the Apple A10 chipset with 3GB of RAM. The device will roll out with pre-installed iOS 10 that is currently in beta testing mode. Apple will most probably launch the device along with its latest OS for mobile devices.

iPhone 7 Pro

iPhone 7 with dual-camera Photo courtesy of Mydrivers

Apple could upgrade the battery component in the upcoming smartphone. The device will be fitted with 1,960mAh battery as compared to the 1,715mAh cell in the iPhone 6. Moreover, the new processor will also improve the battery life. The new handset is expected to feature touch sensitive home button. Apple has a patent for this technology and can finally introduce it in its upcoming smartphone.

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