iPhone 7 Update: No Stereo Speakers Or Touch Sensitive Home Button

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iPhone 7

Apple is supposed to launch iPhone 7 in September. It is rumored that the company will launch the device with significant changes. However, recent reports claim that some of these may not happen in upcoming iPhone 7.

Apple is rumored to launch the iPhone 7 with stereo speaker and touch sensitive home button. However, these changes will not happen in upcoming smartphone, at least reports claim so. The additional speaker grill shown at the base of the device is not the second speaker. It will actually house microphone.

This is not the first time that Apple is going to misguide its customer. Earlier, the company used the same trick in iPhone 4. The company launched the iPhone 4 with dual speaker on the bottom of the device, and the headphone jack was located at the top of the device. However, the two speakers were actually connected to monophonic audio system. This could happen in iPhone 7 as well, reported Forbes.

iPhone 7 Release Date

iPhone 7 Plus Blue with additional speaker grill: YouTube

The other disappointment is the Home button. Forbes has published the image of iPhone 7 chassis. The image clearly shows the cut out space for the Home button. It indicates that the device will be fitted with the same physical button as earlier iPhones.

However, there are still some exciting features that can be expected in iPhone 7. The dual-camera is the most significant feature. Rumors have it that the new smartphone will include 12MP dual-camera with laser auto focus. Moreover, the introduction of lightning port is a possibility. The new lightning port will be used for earphone connectivity and charging the device.

iPhone 7 Update

iPhone 7 dual-camera

Apple’s upcoming iPhone 7 will be powered by Apple A10 processor accompanied by 3GB RAM. The device will roll out with minimum 32GB onboard storage as Apple is expected to ditch the 16GB variants. The new phone will be available with optional 64GB and 128GB internal storage. However, there are rumors about 256GB variant as well.

Apple could upgrade the battery of iPhone 7. It is reported that the new device will include a 1,960mAh battery as compared to the 1,715mAh component in iPhone 6. Moreover, the new processor will improve the battery life of the device. Leaked images of iPhone 7 indicate that the device will be available in three new colors blue, space black and pink.

However, nothing is confirmed until Apple releases official statement regarding iPhone 7. As the company is expected to release next-gen iPhone in September, more details can emerge in upcoming weeks.

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