iPhone 7 Update: iPhone 7s Plus Launching In September Too?

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iPhone 7
iPhone 7

Following the recent leaked images of the iPhone 7, fans are already starting to speculate about future phone releases from Apple. This time around, rumor has it that the iPhone 7s Plus is just about ready for the launch.

Based on the images leaked by Chinese blog, Weibo, there are not two but three different iPhone 7 models. The first set of image exhibits three different iPhone 7 colors, space gray, gold, and rose gold. However, this image also shows ?three dots? at the bottom of the mock-ups? rear panel. These could very well be the Apple?s Smart Connectors. Also on the back of the units, just below the iPhone brand, is what looks like the ?S? logo.

These revelations are relatively new since most of the earlier images only show units without the Smart Connector and S logo. This could be it. The third iPhone 7 model finally confirmed. The iPhone 7S Plus.

Previous iPhone 7 leaks show screen assemblies and what appears to be the absence of a cut-out for the home button. Earlier reports claim that the next-generation smartphone from Apple will sport what is called ?haptic feedback? technology in lieu of the physical button.

iPhone 7 Update

iPhone 7 Mock-ups Showing Smart Connectors (www.weico.com)

Although the new sets of images did not clearly show the bottom edge of the units, speculations about the disappearance of the 3.5 mm headphone jack are still on high. Perhaps fans really think that with all the modifications they?ve heard so far, this one takes the cake. They?re probably thinking about new accessories they would have to buy for their new iPhone 7.

Because Apple has not given any public statement about it yet, caution must be exercised. Plus the fact that some of these leaked images are somewhat ?questionable? in nature. It is quite easy to get lulled and be dragged into the hype of all things Apple. Only Apple can answer all the burning questions about their products. Besides, fans will not have long to wait for it now. Since Apple is planning on launching their new products early this September.

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