iPhone 7 To Pack 2K Screen And Specs To Shame An iPad Pro

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Following a supposed leak of the new iPhone 7 logic boards, a Chinese forum posted a screenshot yesterday claiming a Geekbench test done on an iPhone 7.

The results of the said test included an A10 processor running at 2.37GHz paired with 3GB RAM. It also mentioned that performance scores for single- and multi-core are 3548 and 6430, respectively.

To put these into perspective, the current iPhone 6s scored 2490 and 4405 for single- and multi-core performance, respectively. While the 12.9-inch iPad Pro scored 3224 and 5466. The results posted by the Chinese blog simply mean that the new iPhone ?performs even better than the current iPad Pro. It will be maintaining around 150 percent increase in processing power versus its predecessor.

The results may seem reasonable. However, it is prudent to take this information with grain of salt.

Leaked iPhone 7 Benchmark

Leaked iPhone 7 Benchmark

Fortunately, according to Geekbench?s John Poole, the screenshot is a hoax. A rather poorly made one at that. Poole posted on his Twitter page that the Chinese leak is very ?sketchy? and a poorly faked screenshot.

Another leak worth mentioning are the alleged screens for the 4.7- and 5.5-inch iPhone 7 leaked by some Chinese Weibo user. According to the leak, the smaller iPhone 7 will sport a screen with a 1080-pixel resolution while the bigger iPhone will have a 2K LCD screen.

It is worth noting that the current iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6s Plus both have 1080p screens. This leak about the 2K screen for the bigger iPhone 7 is a huge increase in terms of pixel density.

Also from the said leak, the screens are made by Japan Display Inc. – a known supplier of LCD screens for Apple products.

Leaked iPhone 7 Screens

Leaked iPhone 7 Screens

It seems that with the impending launch of the next flagship phone, consumers are clamoring for more. Meanwhile, tipsters are responding with the same amount of frenzy. From today until the rumored launch in September, fans could be seeing a lot more leaks for the upcoming iPhone 7.

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