iPhone 7 To Have A Blue Variant: The Parking Location App Is Confirmed?

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iPhone fans have a happy news. The latest leaked image is suggesting that iPhone 7 will have a deep blue variant.

According to VIBE, Apple has eliminated the space gray variant. In its place, you will find a stylish blue iPhone. The gold, silver, rose gold versions were predicted earlier. The leaked image has made it clear that iPhone 7 will not feature a home button at the bottom of the screen. This button will be replaced with an on-screen touch button.

iPhone 7 Features: Is It Packing A Parking Location App?

According to Patently Apple, Apple has received parking-related patents in May and July 2015. The Parked Car feature will show you the location where you parked your car. So, it will be easy for the customer to find his vehicle.

Mirror says that Apple is working on a new “compound material”, which will help the iPhone 7 in getting the mobile signals. The device will feature a cutting-edge technology known as LiFi. LiFi will be hundred times faster than WiFi.

?We’re incredibly excited about things we’re working on. Incredibly excited. We’ve got great innovation in the pipeline, new iPhones that will incent you and other people that have iPhones today to upgrade to new iPhones,? Tim Cook told in an interview, according to Know Your Mobile.

You will find improved speakers on the iPhone 7 as well. ?An audio element can be mounted on or coupled to an intermediate structure (for example, a flexible electrical substrate) having an opening therein to allow audio sound to pass there through,? Apple?s patent reads.

Apple is creating a brand new design for iPhone 7. The previously leaked image showed a circular lens flush and an aluminum body. It also speculated to have a smart connector, according to Telegraph. The iPhone 7 is coming out in September. Apple?s market has witnessed a sales fall this year. iPhone 7 is believed to be a new ray of hope for Apple.

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