Apple iPhone 7 Stock Diverted To Apple Upgrade Program Members To Avoid Lawsuit

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Early this week, Apple was hit by hundreds of complaints coming from subscribers of its iPhone 7 upgrade program. In response to this, the company has diverted much of the available iPhone units to the said program.

Two days after the launch, Apple started the pre-order stage for the new iPhone 7. Unfortunately, members of the upgrade program do not have an option to pre-order. Instead of getting their phones delivered to their homes, members will have to visit the nearest Apple Store to secure their units. Meanwhile, some upgrade members are finding it difficult to reserve the iPhone model due to limited availability.

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This conundrum led to a class action lawsuit filed against Apple a few days ago. A lot of upgrade program members felt left out and betrayed. For them, they should get prioritized since they were the ones who paid Apple in advance for the new iPhone.

As a solution, Apple diverted the available stock of the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus from walk-in clients to upgrade program members. This would mean that there is a strong chance that some walk-in customers will not get the new phone.

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Apple Watch Series 2, AirPods, iPhone 7 (Photo Credit: Apple)

Apple Watch Series 2, AirPods, iPhone 7 (Photo Credit: Apple)

Prior to the launch, Apple has warned the consumers that the demands for the new iPhone 7 outstrips the supply. Even though Apple has issued additional orders for the new phone, the supply still falls short.

The diversion of available handsets does not entirely solve the problem. This is merely a knee-jerk reaction to prevent a possible lawsuit.

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There are no guarantees that all consumers will get the iPhone model that they want. Most Apple stores still have limited supply for each model. In fact, the jet black version will not be available for upgrade program members on Sept. 16. For upgrade members who want the jet black version, they would have to wait a bit longer before the phone arrives.

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